Twitter Gets Three Mute Notification Filters For Controlling Timeline Feeds

Twitter, the microblogging juggernaut has introduced three new mute notification filters in order to give users better control over what and how they would prefer to see content in their timeline.

Twitter Mute Notification Filters

Twitter dashboard app

In its latest update, Twitter introduced three new notification filters. All three filters are meant to mute notifications on three preconditions. Users can now enable these three filters to mute notifications from accounts without a profile picture, verified email address or verified phone number respectively.

In Twitter app for mobile, these filters can be turned on from by going to the Notifications tab, tapping on the gear symbol in the upper left corner of the screen and tapping on “Advanced filters.”

In addition, user can now mute words and phrases from appearing in the timeline. The filters also allow users to decide a duration for which the content would be muted. The duration options that one can choose to mute notifications are:  24 hours, seven days, 30 days or forever.

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In a blog post, Ed Ho, VP of engineering at Twitter, explained:

“We’re continuing to improve the transparency and openness of our reporting process. You’ll start to hear more from us about accounts or Tweets that you’ve reported to our support teams–both when you report harassment directed at you or another account. You will be notified when we’ve received your report and informed if we take further action. This will all be visible in your notifications tab on our app.”

The filters announced are the next installment of the safety features Twitter has released in recent weeks.

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