Twitter Launches Twitter Engage To Take Facebook Mention Head On

Twitter, the micro blogging giant is all set to give completion to Facebook Mention, a Facebook feature used by celebrities and popular personalities. In a Press statement, Twitter announced the launch of Twitter Engage, available to the iOs users in US.

Twitter engage

Much like its ace rival Facebook Mention, Twitter Engage will enable content creators, influencers and public figures a place from where they can manage their Twitter interactions and track the performance of their content.

The app will offer you an easier way to see Twitter stats like likes, retweets, @mentions and video views. Engage offers deep insight about your account performance and audience as well. Engage even tells a much more about audience demographics and a real-time feed of what your fans are tweeting about now.

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Twitter Engage does help to review all of your videos, GIFs, images and other Twitter activity. This allows users to conveniently track post-by-post performance and continue the conversation around your content.

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