Soon, You Will Be Able To Edit Tweets, Says Twitter CEO

Twitter may soon allow its users to edit their tweets after they are posted. Reports are being surfaced that Twitter boss Jack Dorsey ran a poll on Twitter asking users what features they would like to see on the platform in New Year. In exchange, it received several suggestions from the users ranged from having control on trolls, making Twitter more topic-centric, and the biggest request was to allow users edit tweets.


Allowing tweet editing seems a critical and resource consuming feature as it would need to deploy more blackened resources to ensure that tweet appears edited everywhere even for those who retweets.

With key personnel resigning, the #1 microblogging platform is in serious identity crunch. The company is exploring all the possible ways to engage and entertain its users. Allowing users editing the tweets could be top on company’s priority list.  It’s now evident that the company is setting its tone right to bring back its sinking user base. from some time, they have been adding stunning and binding features.

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Recently, Twitter made buzz by covering US Presidential Elections and running NFL games livestream successfully.

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