Twitter Direct Message With Unlimited Length Is Now Live

In July, Twitter started testing direct messages with unlimited character length, and today, the company rolled out the feature. Twitter has officially announced the removal of character limit from direct messages. The feature will be supported by Twitter’s official apps and third party apps that update to support the change.

When Twitter began the test in July, they mentioned a character limit of up to 10000, but now tendered the change by setting the limit to unlimited. Twitter has already updated its app for Android, iOS, Mac to support direct messages. Twitter for TweetDeck and Twitter for web are also updated for the new feature.

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This feature is rolling out slowly to the users so it might take couple of weeks to appear to your Twitter app. So, now start typing as much as you can and send stories to your friends and kin over twitter, without bothering about character length.

-Twitter Direct Message With Unlimited Length

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