Twitter Adds Four Regional Languages To Web And Android App

Twitter has introduced 4 more regional languages to its web platform and Android app. Users can now compose their tweets in four more Indian languages namely, Gujarati, Kaannad, Marathi and Tamil.

Twitter announced this in its latest blog post:

 “We’ve updated and the Android app to support these additional Indian languages.”

With this latest inclusion Twitter will now support six Indian languages including Hindi and Bengali. To change their language preference, users can select the same from ‘Settings’ in the drop down menu on the profile. Android users can change their language settings to their preferred language.


The blog says:

“These four languages were partially translated by a passionate community of Twitter users via the Translation Center — we couldn’t have done it without their help. By supporting Twitter in these languages, we are making our platform for live, public conversations more accessible to Indians all over the country.”

-Twitter Adds Four Regional Languages

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