Twitch to Offer Streamers Public and Private Chat Rooms

Amazon owned live streaming app Twitch is now offering streamers a chat room feature. The feature will be different from and can be seen on the right hand side of live streams.

Twitch launches public and private chat rooms

The company labels the feature ‘Rooms’. It will be available for both public and private chats. Using the feature, Streamers can setup chats and design costume emotes for viewers and subscribers so that they can interact with a streamer.

A streamer can only set up a chat room specifically for subscribers and the Room needs to be open 24 hours a day, even in absence of the streamer. The live streaming giant first announced the feature back at its annual developer and fan conference, TwitchCon, in October of last year.

As the feature is being rolled out gradually, Rooms will be available for global users on the web and on mobile. The feature will soon hit the Twitch’s desktop client in the near future.

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In its official statement, the company says:

 “Whether you want a room for spoilers, permanent sub-only chat, or even a room for moderators to sharpen their swords, rooms lets streamers set a topic and choose who has access,” writes Brian Petrocelli, a member of Twitch’s product marketing team, in a blog post. “Plus it’s just like stream chat, all your badges and emotes carry over.”

With the feature in place, Twitch attempts to make its own chat rooms more customizable for streamers and their fan bases.

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