TrackMyFone: How Good is this Parental App?

# Last Updated On: July 24, 2021 #

Tip Alert: What ‘sounds cool’ in digital life may not actually sound cool in the real life of your kids.

TrackMyFone Parental App : How Good is this?

We, parents were once children. However, in our times, we spent time playing outdoor games with friends and neighbors instead of being hooked to tech gadgets like the alias generation.

Whether its watching their favorite cartoon or chatting with friends, kids today know how to navigate their required apps in the devices they use. They can easily venture into the wilds of internet without fearing the dangers lurking behind it.


Therefore, for parents no balancing act is more difficult than enabling the kids have an effective use of technology. In order to protect their kids’ privacy and understand their online behavior, parents use digital monitoring software to ensure that the devices are safe and secure for kids.

To promote digital development of kids, TrackMyFone is a parental app that is an elusive key to efficient use of technology.

though it is a newbie in the monitoring spectrum, trackmyfone reviews are positive. I also decided to review this app so that parents can make an informed purchasing decision about it.

Overview- First glances

In the contemporary times, it is necessary for parents to develop digital awareness among their kids. Your kid may stumble upon something explicit or evil while surfing the internet which may have a traumatic effect on them.

TrackMyFone is a parental control app that monitors and reports all the cellphone activities of the kids. It aims to monitor the kids without any interference, thus offering covert monitoring.

What’s interesting about this app is that it works in stealth mode so your kids will never find out they were being spied on. You can also remotely watch over your kids through the online console, where you can access all the data and view it anytime.

Amazingly, the app has a simple yet intuitive user interface, which makes it easy-to-use. With its extensive range of features, the app offers diverse uses and possibilities. So once you dig in, you’ll find it good to use the app.

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Compatibility and installation: how it works?

Whenever you’re looking for a monitoring software, make sure you buy one that is compatible with your kid’s phone. Reading some of trackmyfone reviews, by now you must know that the app works with all iOS and Android devices. The software is designed keeping in mind the parents, who are mostly novice in handling technology.

In a Jailbreak iPhone, you need to physically install the app whereas in a Non-jailbreak iPhone, you only require iCloud login credentials of your kid to begin monitoring. In android phones, unlike iPhones, physical installation is a must whether they’re rooted or non-rooted.

All in all, trackmyfone is a cinch to install as it takes about 5minutes for the whole process of installation. Once installed, the monitoring app transfers all the data from the cellphone to the web-based control panel of the app from where parents can remotely and discreetly watch the kids’ activities and make commands to the app to control certain activities.

State-of-the-art features

Parental controls are an ideal way to deal with kids’ contemporary issues such as cyberbullying, sexting, harassment, etc. With a monitoring app, parents can look at its features and learn a lot about their kids’ mental state.

When it comes down to features, Trackmyfone reviews will surely not disappoint you. Though trackmyfone features are the same as other apps, it has certain add-ons which makes it popular among potential users.

Call log monitoring

There is a complete record of all the incoming and outgoing calls of the target that can be viewed by the parents. along with the frequency of calls, contact names, their numbers, call duration, date and time stamp are also available. Parents can watch-list any caller they have doubt of.

Text and chat monitoring

Any remnants of sexting or cyberbullying are easily found on Whatsapp messages or Tinder chats. In this techno-digital era, chatting platforms have become more sexualized as the gaps between physical and digital dating are reduced. Trackmyfone can monitor all these communication platforms by allowing parents to read the message content as well as view the date and time stamp, name of message sender/ receiver, their contact number, etc. If there is some unauthorized activity taking place, parents can watch-list some words so that they can receive alerts on their device.

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GPS tracking

Knowing where your kids are gives you a sense of peace. Through GPS tracking, you can find out the exact location of your kids at a specific time. You can also browse their location history for the entire day.

Moreover, you can create a virtual barricade for your kids through geo-fencing. This is watch-listing of location so that you can be notified when your kids enter an unapproved or unsafe locality.

Remote commands

Trackmyfone is a monitoring tool that offers parents to lock the phone screen of their kids at any time. This is especially helpful for parents to lock the phone screen at night when the kids go to their bed. Parents can also wipe data, block apps, and take live screenshots of the target phone to ensure kids’ safety.


In the digital age of today, you cannot prevent your kids from using technology. however, what you can do is mediate their use of this technology. This is when monitoring apps like TrackMyFone Parental App come in. because of its affordability, premium quality features, and great customer support, the app is indeed a decent pick. Start using TrackMyFone and you’ll come across a wow-factor that is available in the app.

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