5 Dominating Social Media Trends of 2018

Social media is an industry that keeps changing with every passing day. New trends are introduced and some existing ones are obsoleted by the same ratio. Main reason to this rapid changing is that social media is something that is unlimitedly and unconditionally used by people and it thoroughly depends upon their needs and interests.

Top Social Media Trends 2018

Top Social Media Trends 2018


People cannot stay at the same track for so long and as time passes by, they start getting bored and demand for something improved. There are thousands of blogs online which you can consult to keep track of these changes.

Bloggers also use social media regularly as it is very important for them to get updated information about the industry they are interested in, and it is one of the most valuable blogging tips to use social media to create the finest blogs ever. We are listing here the top Social Media Trends 2018.

Social Messaging:

What actually is the main initiative of being social? It is obviously the conversation we have with our friends and family. Social media platform was basically designed to draw people together and spread knowledge about something happening right now in a matter of seconds. People often start discussion in the comment section of social media posts and so we can judge that conversation is the soul of socializing.

That is why social messaging apps like WhatsApp, viber, skype, messenger and WeChat are domination the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and LinkedIn. Millennials have prominently dragged to messaging apps during recent years’ and study shows that they like, promote and trust the brands which is brought to them by these social messaging apps. What actually the main reason of this is the privacy level a one-on-one chat can provide.

You cannot blame a person who is exposing an information publically but you can take a solid step when some information is given to you by personal chat. We can see that most of the businesses are taking huge advantage of the audience which is available on social messaging app. When you click on a brand’s ad, it mostly takes you directly to a new window where you can chat with a live support person to talk about that brand. (Contd.: Top Social Media Trends 2018)

Live Video Sharing:

Another rapidly dominating and hugely liked trend of social media is the live broadcast. It was first introduced by twitter’s periscope and now Facebook has launched the same feature and people are giving positive response to that. Just couples of year ago, YouTube was the only reliable channel to record real and unfiltered moments and that is why it was extremely appreciated.

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Now a day, even popular news channels are checking Facebook live video streaming to cover major events. Instagram is now checking its live video sharing option and obviously, it is not the last option which you will get to use live video option because people have always been fascinated by live, authenticated content.

Fake News Are Blown Away from Channels:

Internet has become the major source of getting news and millennials have already turned to internet news platform leaving Television, radio and newspaper behind. As we have discussed above, live streaming is hugely liked because people witnessing any major happening use this tool to broadcast.

Blogs are another great source of spreading latest news about technology and other main industries like food, fashion, décor, appliances, electronics and many others.

Bloggers are using new blogging tips and tricks to create fascinating blog posts about latest trends. Seeing the other side of picture shows that as many people are turning towards internet for fetching news, there is a huge risk of fake news spreading.

During elections, we can see lots of fake stuff about political figures and their statements. Observing this, hundreds of these news outlets are banned from Facebook, twitter and Instagram. News are authenticated and checked before making viral on social media.

Internet User & Social Network Users, No difference:

A few years back, internet users were not necessarily the social network users. Social networking wasn’t so popular and people were having other interests too.  There was a prominent difference between an internet user and social network user. Since the past ten years, people are heading towards social networking and study says that almost 80% of internet users are social network users as well. (Contd.: Top Social Media Trends 2018)

Another research has anticipated that after the rapid growth of internet users becoming social networkers will gradually decrease and only a 2% will increase in coming four years. As we all know that social networks are getting so much earning from users and now it is their major concern to draw as much as they can in coming couple of years.

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Social Networks are no More for Young anymore:

Social networks were considered to be the platform for young and active generation when it was firstly introduced. Obviously the one who was in his early young age, has been using internet since past decade and along with that, old people are taking interest in social network sites just to keep themselves a bit busy and social. It is said that till 2020, almost 60% of social network users will be crossing their 35 years. So it is no more a place for millennials anymore.

Concluding the Discussion:

Social media is a place that keeps changing itself rapidly and latest trends has been introduces time to time. These trends are settled according to the demands of people who are using social media.

If there is something that is bothering users more than being beneficent for them, it is flopped quite soon. There are mainly two types of trends which are introduced at social networks, firstly, there are things that are set according to the needs of people and the other one, to making people’s life better and even more convenient.

The fact drawn from the article given above is with all its pros and cons, social networking has become the major necessity of today’s life and you are still not in a position to drag yourself out of its fascinating circle.

Top Social Media Trends 2018

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