Top Websites To Share Codes Online

The extensive advancements in the technology and web/software application development domain are made possible with less complicated source codes and their flawless implementation throughout the application. These codes could also be shared to other programmers and web development communities for global sharing. The article here describes some of the very popular and top sites to share codes online and their advantage over others.

The very popular Snippler is designed and developed to create a code snippet repository to allow developer community share codes over the net when and where required. Among all the features that site provides, programmers rely on the code formatting, tagging and version control are the best one.

Code pad is another code snippet sharing tool and an online compiler/interpreter that allows users to copy and paste the code in a defined text area and share it via your chat or email.  In the interface you just paste the code snippet. Codepad runs it and offers an URL to the users to let them share the same over the web.

This code snippet repository can easily be pasted and shared among the online web development community members in the listed groups like  XHTML, JavaScript, JQuery, DOJO and JQuery UI.

Textsnip :
With the features like  code formatting and Member area utilities, Textsnip offers a unique method to share vital programming codes with the help of IM and e-mails.


Another feature rich code sharing snippet tool, Pastie is the highly elegant in the simplicity and beauty. This tool accommodates various tagging and commenting features during the sharing. The site offers forever private pasting utility.

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On the World Wide Web, Gist is most robust code sharing and pasting tool. Among other features that turn it into the best one include versioning, SSL security for private pastes and support for embedding pastes on other sites etc.

If you need more flexibility out of your code sharing tool, TinyPaste is here. This is a barebones Pastebin that doesn’t require snippet name, language and description before sharing the code. if all you have to paste the code and go TinyPaste  is the best solution.

This website allows users to perform real time collaboration on the text documents. Being a user, it enables users to join a workspace and observe alterations instantly. Among the features that matter, it contains utilities like line numbering and syntax highlighting.


What makes this could sharing tool special among users are its offerings including large number of syntaxes, choice of preferred languages, choice of colorscheme for source code and utility to offer instant reviews  on the code snippets. Its elegance is enhanced with its very innovative and unique user interface.

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Very innovative and uniquely designed tool Collabedit enables coders to create text documents with real-time collaboration features. The best aspect about the tool is the parallel working on the codes from a central location. All you need to do is to start creating the document over the web or write any code snippet and share the URL for the same to other users who are in the loop.

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