Top Blogs for Designers to Learn Web Development

Leaving your target audience awestruck is not an easy thing to do. Only a well-designed or well-developed app can do the trick.

Best Blogs for Designers to Learn Web Development

Well, I have scavenged a wide range of inter-webs FOR YOU! From high and low to finding the best blogs out there that will keep you up to date on the latest news, innovations, and tips.

Are you ready to unveil one of the best ways to attain prolific success? Here we go!

Ever Increasing evolution in the technologies has upgraded the way of the website designing and development processes across the world. More and more professionals are going all guns to make a benchmark in the current era of change.

New ideas, trends, innovations are seen emerging within a span of minutes. And that’s the reason businesses keep on chasing upcoming trends to stay ahead of the curve. But the question is can they always get it right?

Most of you have this misconception that people stop learning at a certain age or experience. But I say learning is a continuous process which has nothing to do with the age. It is truly said that one of the best ways to learn is by doing.

So surely another great way is by reading. Down here I have collected some of the best web design and development blogs to take into consideration. So, sit down, grab a cup of coffee and read away.

#1 Smashing Magazine

Top Blogs for Designers

This one’s my favorite! Since its inception in 2006, the site seems to have evolved a lot! Ignoring this news site is something you cannot afford to ignore; you may have a lot to lose!

Right from HTML to CSS and Java-related topics, the site publishes information-rich content at a span of two days.

Do you wish to master in front-end web development technology? If so, look no further than Smashing Magazine. Go ahead and explore new topics for design, coding, graphics, user experience, mobile development, and CMS framework!

#2 Web Designer Depot

Call it an effective website or an effective way of collaborating between designers worldwide. Here you can find everything from features to articles and tutorials on a plethora of topics such as HTML 5, CSS3, responsive design, typography, usability, jQuery, mobile apps, resources, business, freelancing, inspiration, and more.

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#3 InstantShift

Another promising community for web designers and developers. You will find several posts about WordPress, Web Design, CSS, Tools, Tutorials, Fonts, Photography and so much more.

Although, the site isn’t concerned with a specific bunch of resources, but it also encompasses a deep insight into the latest web technologies. So for those who aim to keep a close eye on the industry’s latest news on web development? Go for InstantShift.

 #4 Six Revisions (webpagefx)

The site probably offers content regarding web designing, web development, and Search Engine Optimization. Established in 2008, the website seems to have constantly updated with the latest material especially the ones that are authored by professional web developers and designers.

The resource is for as well as by developers and designers across the globe. Within a span of 2-5 days, a fresh, highly readable, informative content seems to be published.

 #5 David Walsh

Are you looking for a personal blog that offers articles, posts on a plethora of both front-end and back-end technologies like AJAX, Canvas & SVG, CSS, Dojo, Firefox OS, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, etc.? Now I have come across many professionals who are just passionate about software development.

If you belong to the same clan, try David Walsh’s blogs out! I am sure you will simply love it! Being a tech-savvy geek, I couldn’t find the content very detailed, but it does solve a lot of common development problems, making the blog well worth your time.

#6 SitePoint

In comparison to other web development blogs, Site Point is more like an online learning platform meant for beginners to understand the programming languages and technologies they choose, and, going forward, to improve their knowledge.

Web development, web design, technical writing, and user experience are some of the core areas to take into account.

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#7 CSS Tricks

Another popular blogging site created by Chris Coyier in 2007. As its name implies, CSS Tricks covers every aspect of web designing and development. Their content includes from articles to videos, code snippets, tutorials, news, general information, and the list goes on!

Final Word

Like I said before, the urge of web designing and development seems to have taken off in a big way. New ideas, trends, innovations keep on emerging in a blink of an eye. This compels businesses to keep up with upcoming trends to stay ahead of the competition.

The following post requires to end here since we have limited space. I hope that you enjoyed going through the aforementioned prominent resources on web design and development.

 The urge of web designing and development seems to have taken off in a big way. New ideas, trends, innovations keep on emerging in a blink of an eye.

This compels businesses to keep up with upcoming trends to stay ahead of the competition. In the following post, I would like to share specific prominent resources on web design and development that must be taken into account.

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