Top 9 Upcoming Smartphones of 2019: See List

We are living in a gadget driven society where phones, apps and gadgets influence lives. Every day we see brands unveiling smartphones packed with features and functions.

The passing year as well witnessed hundreds of new flagship smartphones entering the smartphone market. Say a big note of thanks to Xiaomi for putting customers first with the ultra affordable yet powerful smartphones.

Top 9 Upcoming Smartphones 2019

As the year is bidding adieu, smartphone makers are gearing up to launching new phones with latest features. We have compiled a list of top 9 upcoming smartphones of 2019 that will make your entry to the New Year exciting and awesome. Let’shave a look on the list:

1. OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition:   

Top 9 Upcoming Smartphones

 Let’s start with OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition. Of course, it’s not a new flagship fromthe smartphone legend OnePlus. The company has launched the phone to mark its partnership with McLaren partnership.

As reports emerge,the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition will be based on the 6T. The phone may come packed with 10GB RAM and 256GB storage. The phone is slated for 11 December launch.

2. Nokia 9:

Top 9 Upcoming Smartphones

The upgraded version of Nokia 8 would be the talk of town in 2019. The device is said to have five cameras on the back and a notched display on the front. The phone will be tightly packed with the latest Qualcomm hardware.

3. LG folding phone:

Top 9 Upcoming Smartphones

LG is known for exclusivity when it comes to new phones. They bring the best and new technologies with every smart they launch. The company is now reportedly working on a folding LG smartphone that company could launch in CES 2019. We have to wait until LG makes the official announcement. 

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4. Apple iPhone XI:

Top 9 Upcoming Smartphones

It’s just our guess the next flagship from Apple will be called Apple iPhone XI. You too take this with a pinch of salt. Apple usually takes time to adopt new technology, therefore we can guess that the device won’t be a 5G smartphone. There are rumors that the phone will be available in two sizes and will have a similar design.

5. Samsung Galaxy F:

Samsung’s next phone mega flagship will be a foldable phone named Galaxy X or Samsung Galaxy F. We are just speculating the name since we don’t have anything official about it.

We are sure that the phone will hit the market sometime in New Year since the company has already unveiled its prototype. It’s being said that Samsung’s new phone with the Infinity Flex display might be launched at MWC2019 with a price tag of $2000/£1400.

6. Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+:


wasn’t that incredible for Samsung, but Samsung has big plans for 2019. The company is almost ready to launch two new flagship devices Samsung Galaxy S10and S10+ in 2019.

Both the devices will be riding on in-display fingerprint scanners and five cameras setups, suggest leaks.  Among five of the cameras available, three will be on the back and two on the front. It’s also being said that Samsung Galaxy S10 will be a 5G capable handsets. 

7. Samsung Galaxy Note 10:

Samsung has just launched Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but clamors about Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has just begun. It’s being speculated that the phone will ditch 3.5mm headphone socket and will have an increased size. Another rumor is that the Samsung will continue to avoid the notch to adopt in-display cameras.

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8. OnePlus 7:

OnePlus has already signaled that the company would launch its 5G compatible handset in 2019. If that’s the case, we are quite sure it will be OnePlus 7. The makers of the phone isn’t saying anything nor throwing clues. We need to just wait and watch if it’s OnePlus 7.

9. OnePlus 5G phone:

Top 9 Upcoming Smartphones

During Qualcomm Snapdragon summit, OnePlus announces that it would be launching one of the first with a 5G phone powered with a Snapdragon 855 chipset. If they talk business, we can expect launch of a new OnePlus device. It may be a OnePlus 5Gphone. Let’s see what they offer in 2019.  





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