Top 7 Ideas to Make You Brand Successful

When successful brands begin to look for various resources, tools, and platforms they have had at disposal, YouTube always continues to stay on the top.

YouTube has continued to become the silver screen for brand exposure, generating more than 800 million of monthly views.

Brands who want to stand out in the endless stream of clips and wish to stay ahead of their competitors, do make sure that their channels can be easily discovered to capture the interest of the users keeping them tuned in.

Ideas to Make You Brand Successful

With so much of consumer attention being paid to YouTube, marketers will naturally and easily gravitate towards this platform.

A steady 40% increases viewership year on year since March 2014 also suggesting that the trend is here today. Given below are the 7 major strategies businesses have been using to make their brands even more successful.

1. Having a Consistent Upload Schedule:

The contacts on YouTube tell us that this is one of the most important thing you can do to grow your business. A consistent upload schedule helps your audience know what to expect getting them look forward to your content.

You can have your audience trained to plan on an event at regular intervals and this is what exactly you want. You don’t just need a consistent upload schedule but instead advertise it in many places.

Have your schedule over communicated with your marketing audiences so that there is no way you miss it.

You can let your audience know your upload schedule in the video channel banner, in the about us section, in the video description, and at the end of the video in your cards and annotations. Let your audience know when you will be uploading their content.

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2. Engage, engage, and just Engage:

YouTube is a well-known social networking site like all the others to what the users have been saying. It allows comments on your videos, and the channel as well.

Respond through these comments in a timely manner on both these places improving the channel reach and encouraging your audiences to connect with the brand.

One of the best example here is BH Cosmetics who has been doing a really good job of keeping their responses timely.


You can also have your status updated on the network you choose though this requires a different approach from Facebook, or twitter.

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You can also use this feature update to let the viewers know when and how to add videos on YouTube creating a status about the new playlist.

3. Staying Active on the YouTube Activity Feeds:

YouTube activity feed is the only tool that will allow you tomass feed both your friends and subscribers simultaneously. Your activities will continue to feed into your YouTubehome pages of your subscribers and friends.

Jeff continues to explain some of the major activities you can do with your own YouTube activity feed.

  • You can have a custom message (which is also called as a bulletin) within a video, where you can watch a video and drop it down any time in the feed you want to.
  • For example if you have been reading out an content like Easter around the corner, if you have content from the last year then you don’t have to re – upload anything. All you need to do is to create a bulletin, drop down the video in and then put it back into my feed.
  • So if you upload like, comment, favourite or subscribe to another channel it can then directly go into the feed.

Ideas to Make You Brand Successful

4. Content is still important for the channels:

Uploading consistent content is one of the most important ways of creating multiple specialized channels. Studies have shown that 37% of all the channels were not updated with new content for atleast 120 days.

One of the best channels to focus on their target marketing audiences and continue to deliver the videos on regular basis.

Given below is an example that cites Kleenex, Johnny Walker, and Yahoo as one of the worst offenders with 80% of their channels remaining inactive for more than 120 days.


5. Focussing Less on Pre – roll advertising:

First of all each and every one of us hates pre – roll advertising, and we are a strong believer it will continue to hurt a brand more than leading with some benefits for you.

This rising trend of the ad blockers is a major cause of concern for the brands who are still insisting on this course of action.


6. Positioning Yourself Properly:

Good brands or organization generally position themselves by understanding the competition around, and then by looking at the competitive advantage.

So who are the providers of similar products and services whom you have been selling in the country? They may not turn out to be the same when it comes to the United States.

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Say for example if you have been selling athletic clothes then look at from where people have been buying them from. It could be from the speciality stores, the online retailers or the sporting stores.

If you prefer a high end brand and you are going into the market by choosing a preferred location,then it might come be a completely different strategy from the one you have been using in the United States.

You will need to understand how people shop and how your brand will continue into the fix she says.


7. Thinking Broadly:

Since your organization needs to expand their products and services, it is important that your company name be broad enough accommodating those changes.

Say for example Bostonchicken completely changed its name to the Boston Market as it expanded into different kinds of food.

If your company name is brain’s computer for example then try and consider whether it would be limiting within the other market if you have been selling peripherals and services he says.


To conclude:

Forget what your customers need remember branding is all about what they what. So what other strategies businesses have been using in order to make their brands successful increasing their ROI. Do leave your thoughts and comments below.

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