The Top 8 Hottest Social Media Marketing Trends in 2017 (Infographic)

From Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to LinkedIn, Snapchat and WeChat, we can say that social networking sites are one of the most defining changes that we have witnessed in the past decades. But aside from its typical use in communication and networking, many businesses nowadays are utilizing these mediums to further amplify their reach and brand image to their target audience.

In the past recent years, social media sites have grown at an exponential rate, partly due to the increased usage of mobile phones and number of people who have access to the internet. With over 2.3 billion active users and more than 1.9 billion active mobile social users worldwide, there can be no doubt that social media offers arich amount of audience for any businesses who want to further expand their presence online.

That said, here are the key takeaways from the infographic below from CJG Digital Marketing which showcases the latest social media marketing trends this year 2017.

  1. Live Streaming Video
  2. The Rise of Chatbots
  3. More Ephemeral Social Content
  4. Merging of Social Media Platforms
  5. Harder Acquisition of Organic Social Traffic
  6. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  7. More Personalized Content
  8. Increase Usage of Social Influencer
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To learn more, check the visual guide below.

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