Top 8 Best Free YouTube alternatives – Updated List

If you’re exploring similar sites to YouTube, I am listing here 8 best free YouTube alternatives for 2019. These websites are equally feature loaded and offer almost every feature that you can expect from a video streaming platform.

When it comes to creating, watching and enjoying videos, YouTube tops the chart.  The biggest video streaming service boasts of having 1 billion monthly active users under the hood. Its monetization policy is another plus point that attracts content curators to the platform.

But that necessarily doesn’t mean YouTube is the only way out for watching awe inspiring viral videos. There are several other best free YouTube alternatives and video streaming platforms that let you access quality video content on demand.

8 Best Free YouTube alternatives

Whatever the reason you’re looking for video streaming platform like YouTube, our list of the best free YouTube Alternatives will definitely help you.

1. Vimeo – #1 Free YouTube Alternative

If a platform that can pose fierce challenge to YouTube, then it’s Vimeo. This is the second most popular video sharing website after YouTube. It was founded in 2004 and gradually it has been established as a reputed video streaming service.

As of now, the platform has 240 million monthly active users and over 70 million registered creators. It’s a common notion that Vimeo is a place where most serious and professional video content curators are found.

Vimeo boasts of its most professional and mature community of video creators. The content created on the platform is worth exploring, rich in the content value and engaging. Vimeo allows creators to subscribe to the Pro features on the platform in order to turn their content more effective. Vimeo is available on almost all the platforms. Website Link

2. Twitch – YouTube Alternative for Gaming Videos

If you are crazy about live stream of gamming sessions, Twitch is the right place to hang on. But that doesn’t mean the platform is dedicatedly focused at gaming. You can access dedicated content streams on Twitch other than live gaming related to artwork, music, talk shows, and more. However, a huge chunk of Twitch community is here for enjoying live gaming.

Twitch is an absolute winner with a huge library of live streaming content that you can’t access on other similar platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Twitch has always been the most loved platform for live streams of gaming sessions.

Another unique thing to note with Twitch is how the platform is monetized. Unlike YouTube, Twitch doesn’t rely on ads. Instead, the platform allows creators to accept donations from viewers. Being a non-monetized platform, Twitch offers two way advantages. One, it doesn’t popup random ads and let viewers create more personalized engagement with gamers. Website Link

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3. IGTV (Instagram TV)

IGTV is Instagram’s answer to YouTube. The company launched the service back in 2018 to give a direct face-off to Google’s video streaming platform YouTube. The streaming service works pretty fine with both official Instagram app and a standalone IGTV app. The service is currently receiving over a billion monthly active users.

Unlike YouTube, IGTV is more focused at vertical content. It makes content consumption on smartphones easier. The platform has good number of influencers using IGTV to produce content that’s unique and highly consumable.

You can explore a huge number of behind the scenes and small list-based informative videos curated by IGTV influencers and video creators. The platform isn’t yet monetized. However, Instagram is working on its monetization models. Download Link

4. Facebook Watch – Free YouTube Alternative with Powerful Analytics

As the name suggests, Facebook Watch is a video streaming service by social media giant Facebook. Though, videos have always been the part of Facebook feed, Facebook Watch is an exclusively made platform videos. It was floated in August 2017 to allow video content creators create and publish videos.

In addition to the video content stream, the platform is built with powerful analytics that allows content creators access to all the necessary data and analytics. To ensure consistent flow of high quality video content, Facebook collaborated with many content creators to launch original series.

Just like YouTube, one can create his own channels and produce awesome videos. Facebook Watch has a monetization policy in place as well to monetize the videos. Website Link

5: Dailymotion – Less Popular YouTube Alternative

8 Best Free YouTube alternatives

Dailymotion is one among the  best free YouTube alternatives we have listed here. This is a popular video streaming service with its own pros and cons. The platform allows video content curators to create and publish videos. Dailymotion differs itself from YouTube by bringing far relaxed policies both for creators and viewers.

Unlike YouTube, Dailymotion imposes less restrictive policies for both users and video creators. This directly impacts the quality of videos being published. As the platform doesn’t regulate the content being published, you can see plagiarized content across the channels.

Other disappointing things with the platform are limited length of videos (60 minutes), no fair policy to address piracy and content plagiarism and absence of a powerful analytics to offer in-depth video insights. Website Link

6:  DTube

Dtube is the new baby on the block. It’s simply unfair to say it a YouTube competitor as it’s far behind the Google’s YouTube in all the ways. The interesting thing about the Dtube is that it’s created using block chain technology.

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The service, as it’s reported offers revenue to the video creators based on the likes and comments their videos receive. However, since the service is fairly new, it’s hard to explain how exactly the DTube’s monetization policy works.

The problem with DTube is that once a video is published on the platform, it can’t be deleted. So, be ready to face the fact if you’re all set to publish a video. Another major flaw with the platform is that there is no policy to regulate the content being published here. Website Link 

7. 9Gag Video

Best Free YouTube alternatives

9Gag Video isn’t really a video hosting and streaming platform. This is a platform that aggregates videos from different platforms, especially Google’s YouTube.

If you’re interested in watching some viral worthy videos without being randomly asked what’s new and what’s trending (like YouTube), just hit this platform. 9GagTV is a perfectly curated platform to discover and enjoy interesting and engaging video content. Website Link

8: Metacafe – Best Free YouTube alternative

8 Best Free YouTube alternatives

Metacafe is another popular YouTube alternative, though far behind from YouTube in terms of visitor traffic and the content quality.

The platform lacks at a stricter content regulation policy, so creators mostly like to stay away from creating video content on the platform, If you’re looking at video streaming platform where you can explore videos without registering, you would like Metacafe. The platform is filled with a lot of disturbing content that’s not suitable for certain age group. Website Link

Best Free YouTube alternatives

That’s all with the list of websites similar to YouTube. If you know some more and want to add to the list, please tell us in comment box. Thank you for stopping by.

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