Top 7 Remote Desktop Apps for Android

The article lists 5 most popular remote desktop apps for Android. These apps are loaded with features and perform a number of functions that you want them to do.

Top 7 Remote Desktop Apps for Android

These remote desktop apps are quite popular among the desktop and Mac users. If finding the right remote desktop app is giving you hard time, read on to get the best one to finish your work easily.

1. Microsoft Remote Desktop App for Android:

Top 5 Remote Desktop Apps for Android

This is our top choice from the list of top remote desktop apps. Developed by Microsoft, the remote desktop app is built around Micorosft’s operating system.

This is an ideal product for Windows users packed with stunning features like easy access to remote assets through your Remote Desktop Gateway, rich multi-touch experience with remote desktop convention and secure association with your information and provisions.

2. Chrome Remote Desktop:

Chrome remote desktop is the next in the list and very easy to use app. This is compatible with Chrome, the most popular internet browser. To set up a remote connection on your PC, go to the link (Top 5 Remote Desktop Apps for Android))

3. Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop  for android:

Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop is free yet powerful remote desktop app for Android. Splashtop allows user easy access to your Mac or Windows desktops by using their Android phones and tablets.

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The app offers seamless support for Flash, Java and games. The app also enables users having full access to the popular application like documents, Gmail, yahoo and your full media library.

4. VNC Viewer:

VNC Viewer is another very popular platform that helps users to connect to a remote computer. The platform put in place certain protocols in order to send the different keyboard and mouse actions to a remote computer. In return, the app displays the screen from that particular system to the viewer. (Top 5 Remote Desktop Apps for Android)

If you’re using the app on your Android device, it works well. However, in order to use the application on a computer, you’re required to configure the app on your computer by downloading it from the RealVNC web page.

5. Unified Remote:

Unified remote is the most user friendly and easy to use remote desktop app. All you need to do is to install the server app on your desktop computer and the mobile app on your Android device.

Now you’re ready access your computer from wherever you want. With Unified Remote, you can remotely access and control your desktop. The app provides virtual keyboard and mouse function and easy controls for your multimedia software.

6. Swift Remote:

Swift Remote allows users to remotely control their computer from anywhere. All you need to do is to install the app on your Android device and server on your Windows PC.

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Once installed, you will be able to transfer files and control the mouse cursor with this app. (Top 5 Remote Desktop Apps for Android)

7. Remote Mouse:

Top 5 Remote Desktop Apps

The app is ideally used for controlling your computer’s mouse remotely. However, the app also offers super keyboard functionalities. Using the app, you can remotely control Spotify and can access the multimedia controls of your computer with help of the remote mouse.

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