Top 7 Instagram Tips for Travel Bloggers

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

Instagram travel accounts continue to be a popular trend as travellers across the globe share their experiences through the image-sharing platform. Not only does it allow it allow to share breathtaking images and videos from your journey but it’s also a great social network to earn a loyal following and gain profitable income as a result.

7 Instagram Tips for Travel Bloggers

7 Instagram Tips for Travel Bloggers

There are several ways that you can help to get your content noticed, create a network among other travellers or followers and create an influential place within the network. In this highly competitive market, here are some important tips to get you noticed in the crowd and gain a bit of traction with your account.

1: Utilise Hashtags On A Regional and General Basis

Hashtags are a great way to get your content exposed. It helps to expand the visibility of your reach and get your activity discovered easily, especially if you know just what hashtags to target. Whilst you’re active on your socials during your travels, there are 3 types of hashtags that you need to be aware of:

– Generic Travel Hashtags:

These can be as simple as #travelwriter #travel #travelblogger etc. The list is rather extensive but it’s an example of just some of the hashtags that you could use to get your content noticed. These will be targeting users who are generically interested in the topic of travel and are perhaps looking for some sort of insight or idea.

– Regional Hashtags:

There can be people in the area who will look to utilise hashtags to find something in their local area. They could be looking for a place to eat or trying to find things to do, so be sure to include regional hashtags if you come across a part of your experience that you feel local people would enjoy too. This could be the name of a place, the city you’re in or even slogans related to the place you’re visiting. It will help to target a more specific audience.

– Influential Hashtags:

You can also use hashtags that are used by popular travel publications like National Geographic. The majority of the hashtags they use for their accounts are branded so add them in your posts to see if they get picked up by media outlets.

Cities also have official Instagram accounts which tend to feature some user-generated content.

Save the hashtags that you use so that every time you post, you can add them. Using more than 30 hashtags on your post can prevent it from being posted, you use around 10-11 for the best possible user engagement.

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2: Geotag Posts:

Many apps tend to utilise location services to provide a more catered experience for their users. By adding a location to your posts it can be helpful for your readers as they’ll be able to identify where you are in the world and engage with it on a more personal level.

It can also drive discovery if users are exploring the content tagged within the location as it can branch out to a wider location as a result. What’s great about tagging locations is that it’s likely to target a quality form of audience who are more likely to convert as a result.

3: Follow and Tag Influencers, Businesses, Places etc.:

Similar to how branded hashtags work, tagging the actual account can be just as useful as it’s likely to spark a repost from the user tag. Had some nice food? Seen something cool?

Tag the company in your photo! Businesses always love to feature customer content as it shows to their audience that they engage with their followers too.

It’s worth tagging popular regional accounts too as it’ll spark the potential to connect with local influencers who you can connect with and use their network to help your own account to grow further.

4: Make The Most Of The Slideshow Feature:

Remember you had the conundrum of taking so many photos but never knowing which one single photo you wanted to post on the account because you had so many good ones? Well, Instagram’s slideshow feature allows you to post more than one photo at any single time.

This means you can also turn your photos into a mini travel guide and create a journey with your photos. You can also tag individual photos in the slideshow to give credit to each place that you visit so that you’re not missing out on targeting the correct audiences with your posts.

5: Brand Your Images:

Since your content has the potential to be shared widely, you’d want to make sure that people know it’s you so why not a trademark and add branding to your images when you post them? This can either be your Instagram handle or your own personal brand logo which you can place within the image.

There have been some examples where Instagram bloggers choose to put them in discreet places to prevent it from obscuring the natural image, but it can still be prominent for users when they choose to view the image, it just takes a bit of time to realise where it is!

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6: Use Quote Inspiration:

The great thing about visiting certain places is that it reminds you about certain times or famous quotes that have been said by others to make it memorable. So, make the most of this and try to add text to your image to make it reflective and spark new ideas.

A handy tip is keeping the quotes related to regional people so that users can identify with the image more easily. This way, when your users think about a place they’ll imagine where they may have seen it originally and the quote that was connected to it too.

7: Show What You Can With Video:

Within a highly visual world, there’s no better way to showcase the place you’re visiting or seeing through video. It helps to add atmosphere and sense of being within your post to your users, almost like an experience.

Creating videos through Instagram has never been simpler, whether you choose to post up one of a spectacular view or place that you’ve visited or create short video clips that can be strung together to make one large slideshow of the full experience, showing it as a compilation.

Considering the advances that have been made with smartphones, videos taken from them can be even more spectacular to help the user immerse in the experience you’re showing them.

In this highly competitive market, it’s important that you’re able to stand out from those in your field. Utilising handy tips to get your name out there and have your content look a little more unique is a great way to achieve this.

Whether it’s targeting local audiences or aiming to make your brand global, the majority of these tips are sure to get your name out there as a travel blogger and soon enough, your experiences will be shared with thousands. So, what are you waiting for?

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