Top 6 Social Media Myths Need To Be Busted

We frequently underestimate the social networks as a channel to garner fun and create a hangout zone to chill with the friends. Truth is  however different.

For those who believe in social networks as a necessary evil, it turns itself as a loop to ignite business pace and its direction.

Following are the top 6 social media myths you need to come out of. Otherwise you will lose an opportunity to becoming an integral part of social revolution.

MYTH 1: Social media isn’t for serious professionals. (Of course it is.)

MYTH 2: A simple LinkedIn profile and you will be a hot potato for the recruiters. (No.You need a LinkedIn Profile fully managed and optimized.)

MYTH 3: Twitter is a channel for celebrities and politicians. (No. There are millions of business profiles out there of business houses and corporate icons.)

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MYTH 4: Uploading personal pictures a great fun. (Indeed it is but with caution. Don’t post violent and extremely personal photos there.)

MYTH 5: Online networking is as useless as a cold call in sales. (No. It helps in research, engage and deliver values at its best.)

MYTH 6: Social content generation is for marketing and media people only. (Of course not. Even user generated social content is now quite popular among newbie social geeks.)

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Sumant Singh

Sumant is the founder - editor of digital tech startup Blogging Republic. He is a tech content specialist, gizmo geek and a pro content marketer. When not on his workstation, he could be found scrolling Google News endlessly on his phone.
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