Top 5 SEO Tips To Get Unmatched Results In 2019

SEO is all about being open to changes because this is a strategy that witnesses rapid makeovers from time to time.

Something that works really well to fetch your site high rankings now may become absolutely redundant within a couple of months.

Top 5 SEO Tips To Get Unmatched Results

Being adaptable is the key to success with this ever-evolving digital strategy. With 2019 being just around the corner, you would surely want to know what lies ahead on this front because all you would want for your website in the New Year would be number one search ranking.

Top 5 SEO Tips
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Here are some effective SEO tips that can help you to get impressive results for your site in 2019.

1. Get ready for the voice revolution:

Voice has become the name of the game and do not expect to reach the top unless your site is optimized for voice searches.

The advent of voice assistants has changed the search scenario and users are no longer willing to type in queries. All they prefer now is to speak up a search query and get instant results.

This means that you will have to optimize your website with conversational keywords rather than the regular ones you have been using till date.

It’s high time to integrate these keywords in your SEO strategy to get your site geared up for the voice revolution.

2. Pay attention to post-click activity as well:

As an SEO strategist, your job does not end with just bringing the user to land on your website. It needs to extend beyond to ensure that they convert as well. In 2019, focus your attention to the post-click activity of the user because what really matters is the user action. Google is smarter than ever and tracks every action of the user.

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For instance, if a user leaves the site and returns to the search page to click another site, it interprets that the user is not satisfied with the content and experience on your site.

The user journey, therefore, needs to be scrutinized to find reasons of the users bouncing back and take action to resolve them.

3. Social will be more important than ever:

Social media has always been a critical element of digital marketing strategy and the coming year will be no exception.

According to Michael Moon from Digitrio, having a clear plan and going all in with your Facebook advertising are critical to the success of any campaign.

This makes it clear that you cannot imagine success with SEO unless it is blended with social media.

Make sure that the website enables easy shareability across social channels with social widgets that are intuitively placed on the interface.

Also, post valuable content that entices the users to share it and boost your site’s traffic from the social channels too.

4. Optimize for featured snippets: 

The content in the featured snippets is a significant element of the SEO strategy because it has the potential to boost the click-through rates of the organic search results.

You need to double check that the content in the featured snippets is well optimized to answer the search queries that the users are likely to come up with.

Snippets come from the content on your websites, which means that the content too has to be rich and valuable in terms of the information that it serves.

At the same time, the snippets should be optimized for the voice searches too.

5. Keep your site running at top speed:

While content optimization is a critical aspect of SEO, speed optimization is equally vital. This year, invest some extra efforts to get your site performing at top speed.

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The users will be more impatient than ever and a site that takes even a few seconds extra to load will drive them away from good. So start this year by analyzing your site’s performance and working on its improvement.

A few strategies can go a long way for achieving an optimal speed for the website.

Compress and optimize the images, get rid of the plugins that are not in use, enable caching and reduce the server response time for the best results.

Google has always been committed to delivering high-quality user experiences, which itself is the key parameter that it uses for SEO ranking algorithms.

Therefore, you can also start working on delivering top-level experiences in terms of content, performance and anything else a user may look for.

This approach alone will be enough to help you achieve the best results with your SEO strategy in the New Year.

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