Top 20 SEO Interview Questions Frequently Asked

SEO is a booming career and of course a hefty-packaged professional platform that gives young technocrats an opportunity to do big in their career. Facing Google every fifteen minutes with a new trick is really a task worth enjoying. This is what an SEO expert does every time. If you have a zeal to crack the code of this amazing career, following are the top SEO Interview questions you may be quizzed with during an SEO interview. If you have answers for these, a fascinating career is waiting for you.

  1. Tell me the areas where you should include your keywords and why?
  2. Brief me about the Webmaster tools
  3. Can you tell me the best way to maximize the frequency of crawling for your site?
  4. Do you know who Matt Cutts is? Name the portfolio he enjoys?
  5. How will you identify the value of a backlink?
  6. Tell me something about Keyword proximity
  7. Have you any idea about the keyword prominence?
  8. Distinguish between exit rates and bounce rate.
  9. Explain Panda update and tell me the latest Panda version.
  10. Can you recall the caffeine update?
  11. If given a choice which one will you choose webmaster tool or Analytics tool?
  12. Tell me something about 301redirect / 302redirect and 404.
  13. Brief me about robots.txt
  14. How can you restrict a webpage from the search index?
  15. What are Google Webmaster Tools crawl errors?
  16. How will you tackle duplicate page in a website?
  17. Explain the types of CSS and which is better for SEO?
  18. How many heading tags are there in HTML?
  19. Can you use more than one <H1> page in a webpage?
  20. Which one has more wightage <italics> or <bold>
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