Top 10 Free Social Media Management Tools (Updated 2019)

The top 10 best free social media management tools covered in this article are of a varied mix that work in broad and concentrated ways. Some of the tools are more like a toolkit for your social media campaign, whereas others focus on just a small part of your social media crusade.

Almost all of the tools are different in their own way, with the exception of Social Sprout and Hootsuite, which are the only two tools in this list that are very similar in function. 

Top 10 Free Social Media Management Tools

The list is in no particular order because it seemed unfair to rank them when almost all of them serve a different purpose.

1 – Buffer

Free Social Media Management Tools

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The Buffer app allows you to schedule your social media posts in advance. It is only free if you pick a single social media platform and you are only allowed to create ten posts for scheduling.

Key Features:

  • Profile management
  • Multi-media format sharing
  • Agency/business planning
  • Analytics and insights
  • RSS feeds connectivity
  • Informative social analytics
  • Multiple posts and tweets
  • Social profile sharing

If you pay for the app, you may manage numerous social media profiles from a single platform, and you may schedule posts for whichever days and times you wish.

2 – Freelancer

Free Social Media Management Tools

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Since written content produced by AI writers is still pretty stale, you either have to write your own posts or outsource it to another person or company.

Key Features:

  • Secured payment transactions
  • PayPal integration
  • Skrill integration
  • Work progress monitoring
  • Work hours monitoring
  • Direct communication with freelancers
  • Mobile and desktop app

Some people take and post guest posts on the weeks when they don’t feel like writing. Others outsource to a writing company, and others pick a freelancer from websites such as You could always take in a guest poster onto your blog, and then have the guest poster share links via his or her social media profiles.

3 – TweetReach – Social Media Tool for Twitter

Free Social Media Management Tools

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Find out how well your Twitter profile is doing. The TweetReach program is handy because it shows you how well your Tweets are doing, and allows you to monitor your competitors too.

You may monitor topics, profiles, and you may create trackers for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Determine the sentiment and reach for different hashtags, and figure out which social media profiles are considered to be influencers in your topic area.

4 – Social Sprout – Seamless Social Media Management

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You get things such as brand monitoring, social media scheduling, analytics and engagement reports with Social Sprout.

Key Features:

  • Brand Keywords
  • Contact Views
  • Conversation History
  • Message Completion
  • Collision Detection
  • Comment Moderation
  • Message Tasking
  • Message Tagging
  • Custom Influencer List

It has a clean interface that allows you to manage numerous social media profiles, and it allows you to set up tasks on the GUI that you follow through with the Social Sprout tools. It has a mildly intuitive interface that is reasonably well laid out. However, Social Sprout demands a monthly subscription, and they are not cheap.

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5 – MeetEdgar

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Many of the tools mentioned in this article may be used frequently on a weekly basis. However, the MeetEdgar tool is more suited for occasional use whenever you have a social media content lull.

Key Features:

  • Generate Posts Using Browser Extension
  • Category-Based Scheduling
  • Continuous Posting
  • Unlimited Content Library
  • Automatically Upload and Edit
  • Native Photo and Video Support
  • A/B Test Social Messaging
  • Shorten and Track Links
  • Personalized On-Boarding with Real People
  • Reliable Response Time

If you are running out of ideas for your social media posts, MeetEdgar allows you to dig up topics and push content that the MeetEdgar system finds to be social media friendly. It is not the sort of tool you should use all the time because it relies heavily on the work of other people to be successful. Think of it as a re-share suggestion tool.

6 – Crowdfire

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The Crowdfire tool has a so-so reputation, but some users claim it is their most intelligent social media tool. It was developed to help people drive traffic to their websites, but it also has a social engagement function that social media influencers may make the most of.

Key Features:

  • Recent un-followers, inactive users
  • 3in1 Scheduler
  • DM Marketing
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Follow competition
  • Search by location and keyword
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Remove unwanted accounts
  • Engagement optimization
  • Copy followers
  • Repost
  • Detailed stats

In a very basic manner, the tool starts to learn about your brand and your style of content, and then it helps you find and create content that it thinks fits with your brand.

7 – BuzzSumo

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The BuzzSumo tool is one of the best free social media management tools that has made its way onto this article. It is an idea generator that uses online social media information and metrics to help you pick topics and come up with new social media posts.

Key Features:

  • Social Media Content Insights
  • Customized alerts
  • Personalized Interface
  • Open API available
  • Effective Content Curation
  • Data Exports
  • Advanced Data Filters
  • Comprehensive Social Media Analytics
  • Content creators’ details

You can choose between different types of content and choose what to share with your target audience. One of its best tools is its daily alerts that give you inspirational content because it helps remind you to post on social media on a daily basis.

8 – Post Planner

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Find content that you think may interest your target audience by keyword, Twitter handle, Facebook page or hashtag, and then store your favorite content in one area. Plan your posts based on the content you have found online with the help of Post Planner’s tools. The planner uses what it knows about your chosen keywords and content to help you pick the best times to post your content online.

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Key Features:

  • Planned posts
  • Top articles
  • Status ideas
  • Bulk Uploads
  • Sharebar
  • Custom Domain
  • Email Opt-in
  • Post targeting

On the tool, you will see a simple calendar that shows posting times, it allows you to quickly edit your plan, and view statistics to be sure you are posting at the right time and with the correct content.

9 – HootSuite – #1 in Social Media Management

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The HootSuite program is one of the better known social media managing tools. It has grown so that you may now manage profiles on 35 different social media networks.

Key Features:

  • Scheduling
  • Content curation
  • Promote
  • Analytics
  • Monitoring
  • Team management
  • Security
  • Apps and Integrations
  • Manage multiple contributors
  • Update multiple networks in one step
  • Optimize delivery
  • Social Analytics reports

Many people figure they should use either Hootsuite or Social Sprout because they both do pretty-much the same thing. You get to add and use three social media profiles for free on HootSuite, but obviously the tool is very limited unless you pay for a full account.

10 –

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Are you posting links and wish you could test the effectiveness of each post through the CTR (Click Through Rate) of your links? The tool allows you to do just that. You may run very specific tests via your social media profiles and monitor your results with link tracking.

Key Features:

  • Shorten and brand the links you share
  • Track individual link analytics
  • Gather audience intelligence
  • Measure campaign performance in one location
  • Collect insights on your performance
  • Optimize your marketing efforts
  • Give context to the click.

In addition, you may shorten your long URLs with the tool to make your links a little more aesthetically pleasing.

Free Social Media Management Tools: Conclusion

That’s all with the list of our recommended top 10 best social media management tools for 2019. Before using them, we suggest you to visit their respective websites to find their pros and cons. Moreover, if you think there are some social media tools still left in this list, do tell us in the comment. Thank you for stopping by.

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