The Most Exciting Health Gadgets in 2018 – Are They Worth It?

As a global community, we’re more health conscious than ever before. We start our mornings with a turmeric latte, take a shot of kombucha at lunch and give our pasta dinner a low-carb makeover. In between we’re tracking our steps with an Apple Watch and using light therapy to get picture perfect skin.

Most Exciting Health Gadgets 2018

Health Gadgets in 2018

Technology is catching up with our changing lifestyles. Laser is no longer something out of a James Bond film, but being used in everything from laser hair removal machines to keyhole surgery. We’re seeing virtual reality (VR) become mainstream, bringing with it limitless potential to enhance our gym workouts as well as our mental health.

We’ve looked into some of the biggest trends in health and beauty in 2018, and asked ourselves, are they worth the hype?

 VR Gyms

 The concept of VR gyms is still in the starting blocks, but we can safely predict that it’s about to skyrocket in popularity. VR introduces an element of gameplay to our work out routines and can be used to improve cardio and resistance training.

Health Gadgets 2018

Think Nintendo Wii on steroids. It’s easy to see the difference that this revolutionary technology will make for those of us who struggle to incorporate regular exercise into our every day lives. Similarly, the top athletes in the world can use it to take their training to another level.

There are a few flagship gyms that are offering this stellar technology, but before we start seeing VR gyms at every corner, there is room for improvement. VR equipment takes up space and requires its own health and safety considerations. We have no doubt that with some clever planning, the future of fitness will soon be available to anyone.

AI Electric Toothbrushes

 Most of us own an electric toothbrush, but what we’re talking about is an ultramodern smart electric toothbrush. The difference? This year the giants in personal hygiene technology such as Philips have rolled out super sensory dental gadgets that can track and gradually improve your health. They do so by incorporating AI into the toothbrush, allowing it to monitor your teeth cleaning habits and advise you on the most effective way of keeping plaque at bay.

There are even models that combine fun games with daily brushing, which will encourage kids to pick up regular habits without ever thinking it’s a chore. While smart toothbrushes won’t replace your annual dental check up, they can go a long way in helping you look after one of the most important parts of your body to the optimal level.

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Smart Fertility Trackers

 Fertility tracking is one of the most sought after solutions in the health market, and there is an abundance of gadgets that promise to deliver the perfect results. From thermometers to collecting saliva samples and app’s that calculate a woman’s natural cycle, most of the time these gadgets fall short of our expectations.

However, it’s not time to give up just yet. At this year’s tech fairs, we’ve come across some very interesting developments that have the potential to give the results we need. One of the most fascinating is a simple device placed under the mattress that tracks heat rate and breathing patters to define the window of ovulation.

More testing is due, but we’re hopeful that with other companies coming on board, technology can give us a full rundown of what’s happening in our bodies.

Laser Rejuvenation

 Cosmetic lasers and light treatment have been around for a while. But as the technology becomes more sophisticated, it’s giving us the opportunity to significantly expand their use. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is best known for semi-permanent hair removal, but the more advanced machines are capable of remedying difficult conditions such as acne and ageing skin by stimulating collagen production.

Health Gadgets in 2018

What is clear is that this is just the beginning, as scientists are exploring the use of cosmetic lasers even in encouraging the production of our happy hormones – endorphins. As British Institute of Lasers say, “We’re only starting to understand the possibilities of laser technology, and soon we will be able to treat all common skin conditions without ever going under the knife.”

The above health gadgets provide a glimpse of how technology is changing our lives for the better. By separating the life changing products from the fads, we can look and feel our best as we go on with our busy lives.

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