Touching The Life Of Mohammad Rafi, The Singing Legend. Anniversary Special

We can’t even imagine Indian music without its master, Mohd Rafi. His intriguing and mesmerizing songs have their own amazing place in Indian music industry.

Mohd Rafi, (24 Dec 1924-31 July 1980) was born in village Kotla Sultan Singh in Punjab (now in Pakistan).  Rafi was fond of music from his very childhood. He started leaning music from Ustaad Abdul Wahid Khan.

Mohd Rafi, Who Mesmerized Indian Music Diaspora

In his early childhood, Rafi helped his elder brother in managing his shop. He used to sing songs for the people who visited there. He got much accolades and finally got his first unofficial signing break when he performed at Lahore Radio.

The story behind his first singing assignment is really interesting. Once, the most popular singer of his times Kundan Lal Sehgel refused to perform in absence of electricity. The occasion turned a blessing in disguise as Rafi was asked to sing.

It was the turning point in his singing career. Shyam Sunder, the noted music composer of that time was impressed with Rafi’s singing ability and invited him to come Mumbai for a better career. This is how Mohd Rafi started his singing journey.

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Mohd Rafi And Kishor, Friends Forever

He sang his first filmy song for a Punjabi movie Gul Baloch. His first Hindi song was however for the film ‘Pahle Aap’, which was composed by Naushad. Mohd Rafi was a big fan of Mega star Amitabh Bachhan.

Though, Rafi was not a movie freak but lately started admiring Amitabh after watching Deewar. In 1980, Rafi got a chance to sing a duet with Amitabh in the film Naseeb.

Our beloved Mohd Rafi had a nick name too. He was known as ‘Feeko’ among the family and friends. Mohd Rafi was a close friend of another singing legend Kishor Kumar.

They sat for hours in their leisure time and talked on new musical experiments. When Rafi passed away, Kishor wept for hours. They had a different kind of bonding.

Mohd Rafi, Life Beyond Music

Mohd Rafi was famous for his kindness. He helped a widow who was living in his neighborhood for years.

And even without disclosing his name. Rafi was very generous as a person. People closed to him, are of the thought that he was as  sweet as a friend as sweet he sang.

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For music composer Nisar Wazmi, Mohd Rafi sang numerous songs on his request and on one rupee signing amount.  Once Manna Dey said the he and Kishor fights for the second position in the industry because Mohd Rafi is unanimously on the top.

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