The Ins and Outs of Link Building: A Quick Guide

Not all websites are created or frequented buy users equally. In the world of digital marketing, business owners should understand that all websites are given a rank known as a domain rating (DR).

It connotes the quality of the website as a whole. Websites and the links they create are incredibly powerful tools when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).

The Ins and Outs of Link Building

Creating links between websites is known as link building, and is a crucial step for any digital marketing strategy. Here’s a beginner’s guide to link building and how it can help you increase the domain rating of your website.

Why should I link build?

Google sends out website bots to analyze and rank each website page that exists on the Internet. When these bots crawl your page, they take into account who you are linking to and who is linking to you. This helps to determine your website’s domain rating.

Links are an important factor to building any website’s DR simply because they show trust. The idea behind this is simple; if an industry-relevant website links to your website, Google will believe your website must be quality and relevant for users. In turn, this will increase your DR and your ranking within the search engine will grow.

Are all links created equal?

No, there are two types of links. A do-follow link is what you should aim for, as this is what passes “link juice” between websites.

On the other hand, no-follow links are those that simply lead to another website but do not pass link juice. In terms of growing a website’s DR, links that don’t create web traffic are worthless.

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What is link juice?

When a high quality website links to you, they pass popularity known as link juice to your website. This juice is what works to strengthen your website, much like giving a website a boost in the right direction. Think of it this way, link juice is like a caffeine shot for your website.

What should I look for when building links?

There are a few factors to keep in mind when link building as not all links are the same. For websites to pass high quality link juice to you, and for Google to recognize the link as quality, they must be:

  • Industry specific and relevant. You will want to look for links from websites that are in your niche or do similar things as you.
  • A high DR. Domain ratings are on a 1-100 scale, and while you do want to reach for DRs that are closer to 100, lower DRs can still work as well. Just make sure you are outreaching to websites with a DR that is the same as yours, or higher.
  • Quality of the content. Always look for the quality of the content on the website for an indicator at how good of a link it’ll give to you. For example, is the content useful, being read, and are people engaging with it on social media? If so, then that is a good website to get a link from.
  • The placement of your link. If at all possible, you’ll want the other website to place your link on a page where it can stand alone. You don’t want to be placed in a sea of other links, as you won’t be able to stand out.
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With some time and dedication, link building can be a great addition to any SEO strategy. If you need help getting extra links, there are plenty of professional link building services available to grow your visibility online.

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