Elements of a Converting Mobile App Landing Page

Anyone running a blog or a website us quite familiar with the landing pages and how they help the digital ventures to gather relevant user information and make popular campaigns. From calling people to sign up for the mailing list to product or service promotion, landing pages help organizations in multiple ways to convert business.

But this also requires shaping the landing page specifically for mobile users as most people access web now over the mobile screen. Remember, landing page design is something as important as the app development tips for a development company.

Essential Elements of a Mobile App Landing Page

Elements of a Great Mobile App Landing Page

Just by clicking on a link, you can easily land on a landing page and can see how a product has been reviewed. But in case the linked page isn’t helpful, it can only make a negative impact on your user experience. This is why the following good practices of a mobile landing page is so crucial.

If you don’t want to commit the same mistakes of many non-performing landing pages, here we can explain some useful tips and time tested principles of designing a great mobile landing page.

Keep The Headline Short But Clear

Since mobile users are always in a hurry and they don’t have much time to spend on a landing page, you need to grab their attention as quickly as possible. The faster attention-grabbing start basically with the use of visually attractive headlines with catchy and relevant phrases that instantly can connect users.

Before finalizing the headline, read it aloud to make sure it sounds right in the ear and instantly captures the attention of the audience. If the headline really takes longer than a few minutes for understanding, it is still not phrased perfectly.  The headline should always allow effortless and easier understanding.

Short and Convincing Call-To-Action

The second most important element in any landing page design is the Call to Action (CTA) element. The CTA copy should be well articulated, impressive, short and convincing to help business conversion.

The CTA should impel users to take positive actions or at least should make users think about this. Sometimes, just a straight and to the point, CTA can just do what is necessary.  Some CTA phrases like “Avail the Offer”, “Get Started,” “Grab the Deal,” and the likes because if the straightforward approach can be highly effective for business conversion.

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You must understand that the main goal of a landing page is to impel users to take decisive action and for this CTA copy and buttons are necessary. How can you ensure business conversion, if the CTA is not clearly visible or if it just doesn’t stand out visually from the surrounding? There should only be a single CTA button since you need to guide users to take one single action, not too many.

Minimal Clutter

Another major principle of mobile landing page is to stay clear of the visual clutter that undermines the focus elements on the screen. For optimum landing page readability and user engagement, you need to ensure optimum visual clarity by using a lot of white space and a minimum number of on-page visual elements.

Since mobile screens are smaller in size, too many visual elements will only add to the clutter and create visual distractions. Moreover, to help business conversion also the mobile screen should allow users to find the CTA buttons and other key elements easily. This is why landing pages with a higher scope of business conversion always tend to be simple, stripped of the unnecessary clutter and minimalist in look and feel.

Make A Concise and Stripped-off Design

The landing page design should be concise and thoroughly stripped-off without allowing any visual clutter. From a very concise and to the point headline directly explaining your purpose to the use of a minimum amount of text above the fold, the landing page with limited use of text should help better clarity and purposiveness.

In this respect, the rule of thumb is that deeper a visitor goes, more detailed information is provided to him. You don’t need to inform the user about a lot of things at a step. But rather can disclose things and information progressively as the user advances. Too much information delivered at a certain point often creates cognitive overload leading to design clutter.

Incorporate Short and Relevant Video

A mobile landing page for business conversion should make use of every available trick and method. For example, incorporating short and concise video with a catchy message can be highly effective along with the landing page text and CTA. All those restless users who dislike reading text or have become less responsive to text content can actually find an audiovisual clip with a straightforward message more interesting and engaging.

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Simple Forms

Landing pages across the niches make use of forms to gather user information in a concise manner. But when for signing up you make users fill up as many as 7 or 8 form fields, most users simply can avoid them and choose to navigate to elsewhere.

This is where a short and simple form with a minimum number of fields can be more helpful and engaging. The main objective should make users make up their mind instantly without much scope of pondering it later.

Apart from restricting the form fields to the most relevant categories of information, it is also useful to make use of social logins or guest logins to help faster completion of the process. Make sure you always ask the users the most relevant information you need from them.

Visible Contact and Social Media Link

Landing pages also allow users to find the contact information and the social profiles of a business and so, you need to help them find such information without any difficulty or unease.

Since conventionally our eyes are trained to look for contact information on the top right corner of the screen, you should follow this convention when displaying the contact details. Apart from this, also provide all the social profile details of the business with easy to click icons right on the screen.


Mobile landing pages now play a more crucial role in business conversion as most users and customers access the business content on the mobile screen. This is why you need to be uncompromising in providing visual clarity and maintaining the relevance of your mobile landing page.

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