The Best Joomla Popup opt-in Extension To Help You Gain More Subscribers

Joomla websites are becoming increasingly popular every day. Because of the range of features that it offers, be it the number of plugins or the kind of versatile themes, many websites are now being developed in Joomla.

The Best Joomla Popup opt-in Extension

After developing any website the work doesn’t end there. You need to handle and maintain your website each and every day. The main responsibility that comes after developing any site is to make it popular. There are numerous digital marketing methods which are implemented to grow your blog or website.

One such online marketing technique is using the email opt-ins to collect as many email address of the visitors visiting your websites but you have to develop a marketing approach.

With the help of email marketing, you can quickly grow your online business if you are running one. These email opt-ins enable popups to emerge on your website that can be used to collect email address from the visitors. This process is called gaining subscription for your website.

But this subscription does not come easy. You need to give exciting and irresistible offers to your visitors so that they are bound to submit their contact info. There are numerous ways of doing this. You can provide them with free ebooks, lucky draw gifts, everyday contests and many such things. These techniques actually are a way of letting your audience know that you are regular in posting updates on your blog. It is also a way of lead nurturing.

JD PopX- the best choice for you

JD PopX is an email marketing Joomla extension which is developed by JomDev. It is used by almost every blogger or any business owner. There are many advantages of using JD PopX for your website. Let us look at the key features of JD PopX .

  1. Fast and lightweight
  2. Cross browser compatible
  3. Fully mobile responsive
  4. Attractive looks
  5. Awesome user experience

More features from JD PopX:

Apart from the features which are mentioned above, there are many other amazing characteristics of JD PopX which makes it a must-have plugin for every Joomla website. Let us look into its features in details.

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1. Different types of email opt-in styles.

There are four opt-in styles supported in JD PopX. Each one of these is attractive and appealing that looks good on your website and it helps you in beautifying your popup. Let us see in details about these opt-ins.

  • Full-screen opt-in- In this opt-in the popup that emerges covers the entire web page.
  • Sidebar opt-in- It is a medium sized popup that emerges at the side of the web page.
  • Bar opt-in- It is a long sleek bar emerges at the top or bottom of the content according to your choice.
  • Lightbox opt-in- Here, the popup emerges at the center of content which is of small size.

2. Different template designs for each opt-in style.

There is a range of template designs available in JD PopX. There are 2 template designs for each of the email opt-ins. The best part is that they all are fully mobile responsive. You don’t have to worry about its responsivity on handheld devices like mobile phones or tablets.

  • Rectangular shaped template- The template is rectangular with light but beautiful color  theme.
  • Square shaped template- The template is square with bold and bright color theme.

3. Amazing customization features for popup editing.

JD PopX has lots of editing features. Let us look in brief what it has to offer.

  • You can edit the template and change its color and font.
  • You can edit the whole popup background color and its border.
  • You can also include an image in your popup.
  • Animation features like bounce, flip, slide, etc. are also one of the features of this email opt-in. The popup emerges in these animation styles when selected.
  • You can decide that after how many seconds the popup should emerge on the website.
  • You can also enable or disable the cookie feature on your popup.

Will JD PopX be a suitable extension for your website?

In my opinion, everyone who owns a Joomla website, be it a small blog or a full-fledged eCommerce store should integrate their site with JD PopX. It not only helps in increasing the subscribers base for your website but also in creating and maintaining a trustworthy brand with your customers.

If you are gathering your visitors’ info and providing them with daily or weekly updates then it is a part of lead nurturing. Moreover, when you have an email list of a large number of subscribers then it becomes very easy to sell your products.

Team BR