Text Message Marketing for the Logistics Industry

(Last Updated On: October 9, 2020)

If you want to market in real-time, you need to work with the intimacy and power of text messaging.

For a successful SMS marketing campaign, a legal and structured approach needs to be implemented along with traceable data tactics to ensure qualified leads.

Because text messages alert people’s mobile phones, they are undoubtedly more personal than other types of digital marketing which can be used by marketers in the logistics industry to reach existing clients with updates and offers or alternately reach new customers.

Texting allows supply chain businesses to do various things that traditional media doesn’t offer. Messaging will enable enterprises to launch a solid campaign without having to invest in more hardware, labor, printing, and media buys.

Brands that do use this type of campaign need to ensure their texts are helpful and relevant instead of intrusive, spammy, and, worse, illegal.  It is simple to tip the scale and turn people off with your messaging and company.

In this article, we will explore how to incorporate texting into your marketing plan without annoying your customers.

Text-Message Marketing Is Permission-Based

If you a logistics organization looking to use text message marketing as a way to target leads, there are a few things you need to understand before you do so, most importantly considering ‘permission’.

To access consumer mobile numbers for marketing, clients must have opted to give your company their details and allow you to contact them with marketing and promotional materials.

This act of consent is of significant benefit to your business, as it allows you to organize a suitable permission-based text-message marketing campaign that keeps customers on side.

If individuals ask for contact with your brand, they may even welcome your updates and offers on their devices instead of perceiving them as unwanted and ineffective.

Text-Message Marketing Is Efficient

Unlike the vast amounts of supply chain content marketing options available to companies these days (e.g., email newsletters, long-form sales letters, and blog posts), text-message marketing is highly efficient, with messages limited to a maximum of 160 characters, allowing your message to be short, sweet and to the point.

The short message length creates text-message marketing ideally suited to fast updates, flash sales, deals, promotional reminders as well as punchy marketing messages, instead of long-form styles of content.

Let’s face it; most people nowadays are time-poor. Therefore, providing consumers with a quick, easy, and accessible means of communication serves all involved.

  Text-Message Marketing Is Flexible

Most text-message marketing services provide highly flexible options allowing companies to design and send campaigns to targeted demographics on your list.

Text marketing allows you to personalize messages by adding in subscriber names, increasing your chance they’ll be opened and understood.

Furthermore, the capacity to segment supply chain market-based preferences, demographics, and location offers a sophisticated means of accessing the right clients at the right time with the right message.

Text-Message Marketing is Cost-Effective

Text-message marketing is cheap to implement, so if your logistics company is on a tight budget it’s a great marketing tool to consider investing in. Prices per message are volume dependent and relatively inexpensive.

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However, given the highest open rate on most messages, along with a higher conversion rate, the associated return on investment makes texts a great option compared with numerous other more expensive marketing channels.

 Text-Message Marketing Has Extensive Reach

If you are a logistics company looking to expand globally, the notion of integrating you supply chain specific content via text has world-wide reach and potential.

Consider how rapid access to mobile devices has spread across the world.

As of 2014, we passed the worldwide tipping point in which the number of mobile users accessing the internet outstripped the number of desktop users. Mobile use will undoubtedly continue.

With this data in mind, you might expect that virtually all of your clients are contactable via mobile.

With an efficient opt-in strategy, there’s no reason why you cannot access a significant proportion of consumers at times of mutual convenience, with messages you know they’ll see.

Understand What You Hope to Achieve

As with any marketing strategy, you need to start with the end goal in mind. Does your supply chain operation need a number of specific qualified leads in a specific amount of time?

Your final objectives for your text-message marketing plan needs to be clear before you start, aligning your broader business with your marketing goals.

Segment Your Audience

Blasting your entire list of mobile numbers with the same marketing message and hoping a few of them ‘connect’ with your target audience is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Top brands working in this arena recommend that you refine your audience by segmenting.

 Top tip:

Spark page suggests integrating your CRM with your logistics marketing platform to achieve a much more specific match between your marketing messages and your audience.

Include A Call to Action

If you have done the hard work of defining your logistics centric marketing goals are and segmenting your market, be sure you include a call to action as part of your messaging.

There’s no use in knowing what you’re trying to achieve if you do not invite your customers along with you on the journey.

Create Clear Value

Even a permission-based marketing message represents somewhat of an interruption to your clients.

Raise your chance of having your messages acted upon by infusing your messages with irresistible customer value, encouraging and enticing your audience into a good deal and purchase.

Track Your Metrics

 You can’t improve what you don’t measure, so if you’re going to implement a text-message logistics-focused marketing plan, make sure to take baseline metrics and track them regularly.

There are four critical metrics you should be measuring when attempting to track your text-message plan:

  • List growth – indicates the number of people joining your list and campaign.
  • Churn rate – the rate at which people will stop subscribing to your list.
  • Redemption rate – how many clients respond to your marketing, which converts to a sale.
  • Price – how much per redeeming subscriber.

From the outset, text-message marketing seems complicated. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that there are numerous digital marketing agencies and services available to support all of your text campaign needs.

How to set up text advertising?

Small businesses often conduct text marketing through providers such as Twilio, True Dialog, Trumpian, and Simple. These companies handle databases, legalities, as well as text messaging transmissions.

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These types of companies offer a quote for bulk text campaigns and text message marketing according to your demographic and consumer segment.

Who Regulates SMS Text Message Marketing?

Before you send any text messages to consumers, you must be aware of the FCC’s strict guidelines on message transmission and client consent.

The vital point here is that text message marketing isn’t something you can set up on a whim.

According to FCC guidelines, verbal agreements about receiving an SMS bulk message is not acceptable.

The Telephone Customer Protection Act (TCPA) protects customers from mass text messages and is quite particular as to how you can go about sending bulk messages.

The best option for your company is to obtain written consent from each customer.

The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) is a trade association that offers guidelines and helpful tips on text message marketing. However, you would not find the same level of legal guidance as you would with the likes of the FCC and the TCPA.

What’s SMS Marketing Software?

Numerous logistics companies around the globe are already integrated with key technology from transport management systems to iOS barcode scanner capabilities. However, the use of technology when it comes to logistics marketing matters just as much.

SMS marketing software from companies such as EZ Texting and Braze tends to offer more services than the usual database collection and transmission. This type of software to make a marketing campaign and track its success.

Your customers mustn’t feel like they are being flooded with messages at inappropriate hours and trapped in a never-ending subscription.

Marketers recommend texting during usual business hours and being transparent about what clients should expect from your program.

Additionally, it would help if you made it simple for customers to withdraw at any time. Knowing they can do so typically makes them feel more comfortable opting in from the start.

How Can Text Message Marketing Help Your Organization?

The thing to remember about text marketing is that it relies on technical and digital methods, as opposed to printed materials.

No logistics company should start text messaging marketing without a game strategy on how it all fits together to reach new clients.

No matter what you communicate through your marketing text messages, ensure above all else that it is relevant and adds value to the experience of the consumer.

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