Take On the Tech Titans During Your Business Trip

Silicon Valley is the epicenter of the tech industry, one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy today and for the last 30 years.

The area is packed with a lot of history and serves as the home to many of the world’s best technology companies to ever come into existence.

Maybe you want to expand the company that you’re working for, or you just simply want to make sure you’re operating a company that’s truly cutting-edge. Either way, doing business in Silicon Valley is common for many workers today.

Many of the industry’s leading conferences take place in Silicon Valley and some of the greatest tech inventions were born there as well. With companies showing great successes including, but not limited to Apple, Chevron, Facebook, Google, Visa, and Wells Fargo. They’ve all driven the growth of the global economy.

This makes it more important than anywhere else to show up well-prepared and ready to take on what might be some of the most challenging discussions of your career. Here are some business-centric tips for your trip to Silicon Valley.

Your first step should be making sure you have the essentials for the trip.

Believe it or not, many people find themselves touching down on the runway leaving critical tools behind they needed for the trip. Even the most experienced travelers can forget something important in the hurried lead-up to a big trip.

This leads to spending money unnecessarily and at times it even sets their trip progress back immensely. Here’s a list of the basics you need to make sure you have covered.

Chargers to Charge Your Devices

Don’t be one of those people who lets their laptop or phone run down to 1% power. Keep your devices topped up by bringing a charger and battery pack.

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A good rule of thumb is to keep the necessary power blocks as well as cords for every device to ensure you don’t end up getting stuck with a dead battery.

Every Piece of Identification You Have

This means your ID card issued by the state, as well as your passport. Nothing is more painful than showing up to the airport without the ID you need for the trip. Especially if it’s a trip out of the country, but regardless you should always have your IDs on you anytime you’re traveling.

Flash Drives or External Hard Drives

This is not only great to organize your files, but it helps ensure you have an extra layer of protection as well. Always carry an encrypted thumb drive to transport important files. You can’t always count on having an internet connection to download your files from the cloud.

Various Types of Clothing to Wear

Not only will you need something formal for the meetings, but there will be times to just relax. This means when packing your clothes, you should have a decent balance of the two.

Doing so will help you unwind better than you would without doing this. Even though the weather is generally nice in Silicon Valley, the nights can get chilly and you don’t want to be caught unawares.

Once you covered the basics, it’s time to ensure proper amenities and lodging.

Picking the right hotel should give you the support you need. You might want to print something off or use the meeting room to seal the newest deals culminated from your trip to Silicon Valley for business.

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A popular hotel with business travelers to the Silicon Valley is the Hyatt House San Jose/Silicon Valley. With meeting spaces, a tasty breakfast to start the day, and modern rooms, travelers regularly choose it as a launching pad to successful business trips.

The Best Western Silicon Valley Inn is centrally-located, recently renovated, and offers photocopy and fax services. It’s a good choice for budget travelers.

You can’t go on a business trip to Silicon Valley without seeing the tech titans.

After your work is done, try to make some time to go on a tour of the tech titans of Silicon Valley. You may find it to be an enriching experience that could give you some new ideas by seeing how the best of the best do it.

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