Kaanchi Movie Review : Should I Ask Shubhash Ghai To Apologize For The Disaster ?


Subhash Ghai, the ace film maker of his times has returned to the Bolywood with his new movie Kaanchi. This time he has with him a new pretty face to launch in the industry. When you leave cinema hall after watching the movie a thought strikes in the mind that whether Ghai is aware about the changed trends in the Bollywood or he still gathers ideas from his old movies. Although the decoration of the movie Kaanchi seems contemporary but overall it gives you an experience of 90’s cinema.

Subhash Ghai, once known as the showman has series of flops in his kitty since over a decade. This is what that hurts his followers a lot and Kaanchi is nothing different. It just soars their agony and disappointment. Kaanchi, a two and half hour long movie has a confused plot and the renowned magic of Ghai’s directions is also missing. You won’t even find a single note of his trademark melodies his movies were known for. The movie is all about weakly narrated scenes and a few useless arguments to establish a few events.

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Kaanchi (Played by debutant Mishti), daughter of  an army officer lives in village Koshpaa, situated in high hills of Uttarakhand. She is very courageous and follows quite a rustic tone when talks to someone. Every one there knows her love to a boy Binda who happens to be the son of another army man. Kankra brothers (Mithun and Rishi) have plans to develop a modern township in the valley and therefore they hatch a plan to acquire the land in the village. Kankra brothers are notorious in the town. Younger one is a builder and elder one enjoys the portfolio of a minister. Minister’s son develops a crush for the pretty girl Kaanchi and now all three has a common enemy, Binda. They conspire a plan and kills him. Now, Kaanchi starts taking revenge from them in her own style.


The movie is a complete disaster. If camerawork and sensational charm and beauty of Kaanchi are left aside for a while, movie has nothing to offer indeed. Ghai might overestimate by saying his ‘Kaanchi’ a great creation but unfortunately he failed again to reiterate his magic.

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Story: Subhash Ghai Kaanchi Movie Review

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