How To Post A 360- Degree Photo On Facebook?

If you haven’t yet clicked and uploaded a 360- degree photo on Facebook, you should do it now. The social network launched this feature some time back. The 360-degree photo allows users to see a picture from all angles – top, down, front and back.

360-degree photo

You can create a 360-degree photo using a special 360 camera or by taking a panorama on your iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.  Few mobile apps such as Street View and Google Camera are also helpful to create a 360- degree photo on an Android device.

If you’ve already taken the photo using the tools I mentioned, you can easily post and share it with your Facebook audience.

While all of us may have come across a 360-degree photo at some point or the other, not all of us have tried posting one. If you’ve taken the photo using any of the above mentioned tools, the process of posting the photo on Facebook would be similar to uploading a regular photo. Here is how you can do this:

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Posting 360-Degree photo on the web:

  • Click the Photo/Video tab at the top of the News Feed section or on your Timeline
  • Select a photo to be posted
  • Share it with your desired audience
  • Click and drag to view the photo

Posting 360-Degree Photo On Smartphone:

  • Tap on the What’s on your mind?
  • Select the Photo/Video option and choose a photo
  • Share it with your Facebook audience
  • Tilt and move your phone or drag your finger to view the photo
  • Tap on the photo to see it in full screen

As of now, you are just allowed to post only one 360-degree photo on Facebook. This is not applicable to profile pictures.

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