Soon, You Can Login Into Google Properties Without Password

It seems Google is all set to kill passwords for accessing various Google properties. The search engine major Google is testing a new feature that lets user login into their Google accounts without typing the passwords. Instead, the new arrangement would send a notification to user’s Smartphone every time he wants to sign in to approve the log-in.


This new feature is being tested under the project name ‘Sign-In-Experiment at Google with a select number of people. Participation to the group is via invitation only. The proposed system will help users safeguard their accounts against potential phishing attack. The feature will also speed up the login time for the users across the devices.

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The feature, if goes live would work in a very straight forward manner. Every time a user enters email address to sign in to the Google account, he will receive a notification asking if he was the same person who tried to sign in from another device. The notification appears with two options Yes and No. Tapping on Yes processes the request further and the lets the user gets through.

Login Into Google Properties Without Password

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