Some Effective Automated Mobile App Testing Tools

It is the responsibility of an app developer to make sure that his app is working perfectly and he should try and identify and solve all issues so that there are hardly any hitches at the time of release. Today app developers have access to numerous effective testing tools which assist in the distribution of beta versions. Users are invited to give their feedback and most importantly report problems if any. Automated Mobile App Testing Tools.

Effective Automated Mobile App Testing Tools

4 Automated Mobile App Testing Tools

App testing tools are helpful in the efficient collection of crash reports, feedback, analytics, and more. Mobile app testers today could take the fullest advantage of more efficient testing frameworks for streamlining their work, supporting CI and improving test coverage.

1. Selendroid for Android:

Basically imagine, you developed an Android application and circulated it to Google Play. By then you get a customer study like ‘This application has an over the top number of bugs, I couldn’t care less for it’. Along these lines, it is basic that you test the application quite a while before conveying. There are a tremendous measure of test circumstances that should be executed before appropriating an application. To save the testing effort, robotization testing instruments are relied on.

Selendroid is one of the best frameworks for testing Android applications. This is undoubtedly one of the top test automation software. There is no need for any app code modification while using Selendroid because it is meant precisely for Android apps. The WebDriver API and Selenium 2 are supposed to be the real foundation for test code. In this context, you must know that the efficient framework would be interacting with multiple devices, as well as, device emulators concurrently.

The framework would even be supporting device hot-swapping. The framework boasts of an inspection component that is meant for recording the device User Interface state for precisely test case creation. This testing tool is known to support plugging of various hardware devices. Selendorid is known for its great compatibility with JSON wire protocol. Get in touch with a well-known mobile app development company Mumbai for perfect app development solutions.

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Selendroid contains 4 noteworthy segments:  Web Driver Client,Selendroid Server ,Android driver application ,Selendroid Standalone

Web Driver Client —

The Java customer library in view of Selenium. This library ought to be introduced on the PC (which is utilized to build up the experiments).

Selendroid Server —

The server which runs be in the application under test on Android gadget or test system. This is the primary part of Selendroid design.

Android Driver App —

An implicit Android driver, Web View application to test the portable web.

Selendroid-Standalone —

This part is utilized to introduce the server and the application under test (AUT).

Critical elements of the Selendroid : Associate with numerous gadgets, No adjustment of AUT required, Bolster Multiple Android target API,Worked in Inspector,Bolsters Gestures

2. UIAutomation for iOS:

This is supposed to be the test automation framework exclusively meant for the iOS applications. The device User Interface would be operated by using the JavaScript. This being a proprietary tool, UIAutomation would not be playing well with any other methodology or tool. Moreover, it would not support managing suites and test cases, unlike other frameworks.

3. Testdroid: 

Versatile application engineers can get ready and ensure their application works slug confirmation on assortment of today’s various gadget sets. Utilizing genuine cell phones is these days simple, direct and gives the vital devices to fabricate applications that function admirably crosswise over assortment of various clients and their gadgets.

Portable advancement is intended to be dexterous, and a considerable measure of extraordinary instruments and practices have been produced for that deftness. In any case, breaking a perfect improvement stream with manual testing implies that the robotization stream is likewise broken – and it won’t be coordinated any longer. Portable test robotization has a critical incentive to offer and has demonstrated huge development being used among application, amusement and web engineers, accelerating their doings and yielding strong and better outcomes.

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Testdroid is essentially a cloud-based program meant for effective mobile app testing which would be of great help to mobile app developers in terms of cutting down development expenses, elimination of the unanticipated operational expenses, and enhancing time to market.

Testdroid is renowned as of the best and most effective platforms for testing your Android and iOS devices which have different OS versions, screen resolutions, and HW platforms. This efficient testing tool is super effective in cutting down the risk associated with agile, as well as, real devices testing. Testdroid would be improving the app’s daily users in conjunction with review rating.

4. SeeTest Automation:

This is an effective cross-platform solution. It would be letting the same scripts to run on diverse devices. App developers are capable of running the test on numerous devices simultaneously thanks to this one of the most efficient Automated Mobile App Testing Tools. This is a highly powerful and efficient test automation tool that could test websites or mobile apps. SeeTest supports a number of platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Symbian.


Cross-platform testing tools undoubtedly, are in great demand and understandably so. However, you simply cannot undermine the role of the special features of the Android and iOS-only testing tools. The focus must be on using tools which help in increasing automation, have exceptional support and must have the sustainability.


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