Social Signals Don’t Impact Rankings, Google Said It Again

Webmasters ask this question now and again: Are social signals are crucial factor for ranking and do they influence organic search ranking of a website in search engines?  Google, on many occasion, answered this in negative. In a recent hangout, Google’s John Mueller said it again:

As per his statement, social signals don’t influence search rankings directly. He said that content on social networks can have its own impact on search rankings. But if I am observing it overall, there is no direct impact on your own content ranking better if you get social mentions. See what he said:

Not directly, no.

So it is not that there is any kind of ranking affect their. To a large part, social networks also have a nofollow on the links that they kind of provide when they post. So it is not the case that that would give you any kind of ranking boost there.

What you do sometimes see however is that the social posts do show up in the search results. They can be content like any other piece of content, and they can rank for keywords, they can rank for your product names, so they can show up in the search results as well, which in turn maybe gives you a little more presence, maybe provides some context for users as well in the search results.

Another aspect there specifically around Twitter and Google+ at the moment is that when we recognize that there is content on these social networks that are relevant to the user we will try to show that in the search results as well. I believe we show Twitter content in the US on mobile (now desktop also) so that is something that might be visible as well. It is not that your content will rank higher because of that, but there is just more content with your company name or your brand or your product name out there and we might choose to show that in the search as well.

Google has been quite outspoken and clear about this. The company said it over and over again that content being shared more may bring ranking improvements because it’s a worth reading piece of text and readers love to read it. But we are not seeing social signals an important ranking signal in Google ranking algorithm.

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