Social Media Trends That Will Dominate In 2017

In 2017, you have seen some significant changes in the industry of social media that includes brand opportunities, consumer preferences, and a lot of new features. As you look forward to 2018, there will be tons of surprises awaits you.

The evolution of social media industry continues to grow, and not even the internet can stop it. Dominating Social Media Trends 2018.

Top Social Media Trends 2018

Top Social Media Trends 2018

To be seen with our popular social media campaigns, you should catch up with the latest trends in the world of social media. Without further ado, here are the 2017 social media trends that you need to know in today’s generation.

1 – The rise of customer support chatbots

In the first quarter of 2016, the Sprout Social 2016 second quarter index has reported that the number of social messages that needs a response has grown by 18%. As 2017 enters with a new hope, customer service has been a major factor for businesses. Various brands are looking for ways to maximize their customer support resource by means of adding chatbots to their interface.

Slack and Facebook Messenger have started to use chatbots as a way of communicating to their respective clients, especially when they need an accurate information on an immediate basis.

As what the Q2 Sprout Social Index of 2016 have mentioned, 34.5% of the customers are relying more on social media than the others such as website/live chat, email, store and toll-free number. (Top Social Media Trends 2018)

Because of this feature added by Slack and Facebook messenger, it considers being one of 2017’s most exciting trends of the social media industry.

2 – Business analytics and features are now in priority

According to Simplify360, social media analytics was more used by 36% of the businesses than analyzing the competition. In the social media landscape, competition has gotten even stronger, which makes marketing and thinking more analytical than ever.

Instagram has launched its new Business feature in 2016, and it works the same way as Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics. As a result, this kind of social media trend could mean a lot for businesses when it comes to the enhancement of native tools in meeting their needs.

For example, there’s an online home tuition agency in Singapore, SmileTutor that needs to build reputation with the students. To become one of the best home tutoring service in that country, they have to build relationship and engagement between tutors and students in the form of social media.

It’s good for them to have a Facebook page regarding their service to Singaporeans to remain connected with each other. The same thing applies to other small and medium-sized traditional or online businesses.

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34% of small and medium-sized businesses are relying more on social media to converse and engage with their customers. In other words, they have to find the right audience to engage with them in an efficient manner. (Top Social Media Trends 2018)

Analytical data could help a business owner make smart decisions in reaching out to their customers. They should respond to them no matter what, for the benefit of their business.

3 – Facebook and Instagram Now Have AI Lenses

Last year, the artificial intelligence lenses of Snapchat had engaged a lot of users and made it more interactive than before. As a result, competitors in the social media are starting to do the same thing. Social media marketers are not going to wait for too long because other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are starting to explore this kind of feature.

Facebook has tested artificial intelligence lenses on their mobile platform in 2016. Instagram Stories has been on the rise lately, and there are 100 million active users in just a span of two months after its release as Techcrunch reported. Out of the 600 million active users in this network alone, 18% of them are watching Instagram Stories.

It has put Snapchat under pressure to maintain their presence in social media. This March 2017, Snapchat will officially go public and expect that their competition will be on the rise. In 2016, Snapchat has active users of over 150 million, and adults between ages 18 to 34 are using this platform daily.

4 – Instant purchasing and social shopping

There is no slowing down in social commerce, as it is still effective to promote their products to customers up to date. Several social media networks are providing brand new ways for them to sell their products and services. In today’s social media trend, they are aiming towards faster purchasing and sales to make the customers satisfied.

Instagram has enabled instant shopping, and it seems that other networks will follow too. 57% of the customers are likely going to buy from brands that they follow in any network as confirmed by Sprout Social Index. In addition to that, 75% of them are purchasing products or services because they’ve seen it in a social media post.

As what the Epsilon reported, the social media presence of businesses was the reason they wanted to check out new products and services around the corner, and 28% of the consumers said that.

As a result, new and existing brands are focusing more on the emotions of their customers in purchasing their products and services. Not only that, some of the brands are on the move to social commerce, which impacts the impression of the buyer with its presence. (Top Social Media Trends 2018)

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Because of this trend alone, retailers can now find several ways to make instant sales and limiting their decisions in purchasing products. Dominating Social Media Trends 2017.

5 – The continuous reign of paid content

When it comes to organic content promotion, it would be harder for businesses to promote their brand due to the updated algorithm of various social media platforms. As Instagram introduced their social media algorithm in 2016, it’s for the purpose of making the users happy of what they’ve seen in their news feeds.

As for promoting company brands or products, it is going to be harder for them to come up what their audience needed the most. However, paid content is starting to grow each quarter.

In 2017, Adobe estimates that social media spending would surpass by $41 billion this 2017 in various social networks. As Instagram and other social media networks update their social media algorithms, businesses are now relying more on paid content.

In 2016, Content Marketing Institute confirmed that promoted posts, social media ads, and paid search advertising had increased every year going to 2016. Engaging and quality content was in need and on-demand in today’s era.

However, no matter if it’s organic or paid, the company and brand must make sure that their content is engaging with a purpose. (Top Social Media Trends 2018)


Expect that there will be tons of changes this 2017, and you have to be ready for it. The presence of social media continues to evolve year after year, and no one can stop it from improving their features.

Social media trends are good enough for you to say which one’s are working or not in promoting your business through social media networks so that you could learn and become better in 2017.

Top Social Media Trends 2018

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