SNAPWIT- Create Fun VIDEO Emojis & Greetings For Chat Conversations

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

Snapwit is a fun app to create video mojis & video greetings for any chat-based app you use. Users can record upto 30 seconds of fun video selfies with avatar-themes, text and live filters. And instantly share on any social network or messaging app.

snapwitThere are many times during chat-conversations emoticons or stickers are not fun enough to convey what you truly feel. Users are always seeking a newer & deeper way to express themselves. They prefer communicating visually & increasingly using video as a communication layer.

We already see stickers are evolving into GIF expressions with popular apps such as GIF keyboard, PopKey or Giphy. But Snapwit takes it whole new level by giving users ability to create video expressions & reactions. Users can send something truly personal by creating a micro-video expressing one’s face, personality & audio to your friends with hilarious themes.

Multiple avatar-themes across categories are available designed in retro-comic, cartoon, funny characters & even anime. Users can show their excitement, love, in a whole new fun way.

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Greeting expressions: Good morning, Good evening, whats up Chat expressions: Getting late, Excuse me, Yes sir, XOXO, WHY, TTYL, CALL ME, WOW, HAHAH, dislike, CHILL, How sweet
Daily Activities: Bathing, Dressing up, Relaxing, Sleeping.
Love themes: To express their love in a cute way.


Snapwit has variety of themes to create video-reactions which will definitely kick start a conversation & surprise your friends. Snapwit also lets you create amazing video greetings for seasonal occasions. Users can instantly create video messages for birthdays, anniversary, congratulations, get well soon, invitations.

Users can personalize their video message with custom text in over 30+ font colors and font types. After recording a background music can be added preserving the selfie voice. The videos are automatically saved into camera-roll.

And these Snapwits are memories to preserve which your friends will definitely remember. Also, whats additionally unique is there is no need to login or create an account. Users can instantly share creations to any social network or messaging app. Snapwit also supports photo mode apart from video.

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Snapwit is available on app store@

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