Snapchat to Roll Out its New Design, Aiming at Better UI

Image based social networking app Snapchat has introduced a major design revamp. It appears to be the most anticipated change users were asking for.

Snapchat Rolls Our Major App Redesign

The new redesigned Snapchat interface offers two separate pages meant for social media and news content respectively. Earlier, Snapchat used to display social news feed along the user’s contact list. This reportedly made the app cluttered, and users made multiple requests to Snapchat to address the issue.

A report published in CNBC claimed that Snapchat CEO promised to develop a new version of the app that offers users news feed similar to Facebook and Twitter.

On the newly introduced interface, users have to swipe left to access chats, stories and messages from contacts. Besides, to view content from publishers, they swipe left instead. Now, users can access news article by scrolling vertically, rather, horizontally that they had to do earlier.

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Snapchat explains the revamp and says:

“The new Discover page to the right of the camera includes Stories from publishers, creators, and the community. Your subscriptions live at the top, followed by other Stories you might be interested in watching.”

“Over time, Discover will become uniquely personalized for you. While the Stories on Discover are personalized algorithmically, our curators review and approve everything that gets promoted on the page.”

In addition to the design revamp, a noteworthy change has also been made to the Snap Map. Now, users can access Snap Map through the search function. With this update, Snapchat has tried to improve the customer satisfaction. As of now, the update is being rolled out to the select group of users, claims Snapchat.

Snapchat App Redesign

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