Snapchat Discover Now Lets You Share Content With Other Users


In January this year, Snapchat introduced ‘Discover’ feature to make the platform a serious bet for publishing content. But, so far users were not able to share the ‘Discover’ content with other users.

Snapchat is now seriously working to let users share the Snapchat Discover content with other users and Snapchat groups. The next update for Snapchat Android and Snapchat iOs will allow users to tap and hold on a Discover photo or video to send it to their friends.

Besides sharing, users can also a add drawings or text to the media before sharing, and the snaps will include a “Sent via Discover” button to help users easily access the content.

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Though the update is not very big, yet it will make Discover more useful. But for sharing the Snapchat content over Facebook and WhatsApp platforms, we need to wait more.

Key Inputs: Techcrunch

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