Snapchat Brings Promoted Stories and AR Tools to Boost Ad Revenue

In a bid to boost its ads revenue that has been falling drastically from some time, Snapchat is rolling out two new ad options to its platform. Snapchat ad tools, as Snapchat believes,  are a significant re-vamp of their self-serve ads platform.

New Snapchat Ad Tools: Sponsored Stories, AR Ads

Snapchat AD Tools

Just as they sound, promoted or sponsored stories will appear on the Stories screen for users with a label ‘Sponsored’ above the preview pane. They may contain up to ten photos and videos and will be promoted to each user’s Stories screen in a given country.

Unlike Snap ads, sponsored stories will provide a more immersive, dedicated ad format. The format may attract big brands looking to broaden their campaign message to Snap’s massive enthusiastic audience base.

Another ad option that Snapchat is readying is AR Trial Ads. These Augmented Reality ads will enable users to place 3D products onto real world scenes.

Similar to Snapchat’s responsive World Lenses, AR ads as well will enable users to re-size the images, change the colors and then pin them to a spot. They can then move around image to get an idea what the item looks like in that environment.  Stay tuned to know more on this.

New Snapchat Ad Tools Launched

Genelia Timothi