Cost Strategies and More Relating To SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a short and easy way to reach customers through the field of text messages. It mainly uses permission based texts, which are means of spreading the current promotional content. It takes place through web based program, which can easily let you send some mass text messages for engaging with customers.

SMS Marketing Cost Strategies

The present goal of the SMS marketing is always to establish a list of subscribers you can work with for increasing customer loyalty. It means that as they opt for SMS marketing campaign from your side, they will present you with permission to send them messages to work out with your business. Customer based loyalty will always come from consumers engaging with business over SMS and buying into offers they sent.

Now, the question is what makes SMS marketing so popular among the masses? As everyone has access to mobile phones, this trick will often work out well for your business.

On the other hand, studies show that people almost will read messages shortly after receiving the same from these companies.

It means you are currently able to tap right into market, which can nearly offer you with 100% of time, and be open on what you have to offer. This service is quite opposed to emails, calls and leaflets, which can always be ignored and forgotten.

Ways in which SMS marketing works:

There are primarily two major components associated with any SMS marketing campaign. One is the keyword and another one is short code. A short example might help you understand the values of these two options well.

You have probably seen SMS like “Text SATURDAY to 101010 to check out weekend specials just for you.” Here, SATURDAY is the main keyword and 101010 is short code. Customers will place keyword in body of message and short code in the recipient box. After that, the keyword is what signifies what customers are actually signing up for. It will help the customers to opt into campaign.

After the customers got their names registered for your campaign, you can send them text messages about special deals or discounts you have at store, which in turn, will send them flocking to location. It gives rise to more sales as a positive note to it. If you want to get started with the current SMS marketing, you might have to hire text messaging services.

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You can always save money by just bundling SMS marketing with VoIP service if you ever sign up with Ring Central. You can always be able to send unlimited messages to customers. These messages can only prove to be text only. Or, if you want, you can always include videos, images and some of the other multimedia files. You can log online to get a free demo on the options lately.

The cost involving SMS marketing:

You can always expect to pay around $5 to $25 on per keyword usage. Texts will definitely cost you somewhat around $0.01 to $0.05 per text. Most of the available SMS marketing companies can help you to create text to donate and for other uses too.

Furthermore, these companies are gladly offering packages, which will include fixed amount of the text messages you can easily send with handful of keywords, which is 2 to 10 in number, for monthly fees.

Even though the final cost will vary based on the company you are planning to choose, you might be looking forward to two different fees. The first fee is used for sending text message and another one is stated for renting keywords. Most of the time, you will have to pay a monthly fee, which will include some numbers of keywords and text messages, which you are planning to send out too.

Easiest ways for you to use SMS marketing:

There is no such written hard and fast rule associated with you and telling you what and what not to do with SMS marketing. There are some marketing objectives and situations, which are best suited for some typical forms of approaches. Now when you know how SMS marketing seems to work, there are some things to consider with this sector.

Use it for sending coupons:

You can use the SMS marketing tactics for sending customers some coupons on exclusive deals. There are some unique forms of generated coupon codes available, which will prevent the non-subscribers from taking undue advantages of the deal.

Help them to keep in touch:

You can use SMS for sending notifications and reminders to customers, in need or appreciate confirmations of appointments, schedules and more. It is always a great way to ensure that everyone remains on the right page and shows that you are always on top of the customer centric service too.

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Help in creating some Drip campaigns:

You are always asked to send automated messages, based on how long the customers been subscribed to. In this said context of coupons, you might send 5% off on the coupon right after signing up. There might be another 10% coupons after 3 weeks and another one of 20% off after 2 months. This will run automatically as soon as the customer gets to sign up. Therefore, you do not have to keep sending any individual message.

Poll for the customers:

Let help the customers in casting vote by just texting some of the different keywords. Most of the services will help you in running polls where you can always collect responses over a tie frame and graph them from online dashboards.

Hold any sweepstakes contest:

You can always get the chance to hold some sweepstakes contests by texting any particular keyword and let the customers sign up for it. From dashboard, you can always view list of phone numbers and can choose anyone at random.

Once you start using SMS marketing, you will get to the core of it all. You just need to hold on some patience and things will start to work out pretty well for you as well and anytime soon.

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