Skype – Cortana Integration on Cards, Thanks to Microsoft

Soon, Skype will be able to give more power to its users. Microsoft, the owners of Skype, is all set to bring virtual assistant Cortana to its platform. The aim behind the integration is to help users getting information on events, timings and nearby places right from the Skype.

skype cortana integration

Microsoft Brings Skype and Cortana Together

In its official blog post, Skype team briefed why it was done. The post said:

“Looking for information often requires interrupting the conversation, even if briefly, and switching apps to find what we’re looking for and bring it back into the conversation,” the Skype team wrote in a blog post. “But shouldn’t technology make our lives easier and truly bring the answers we need to our fingertips?”

So, this is how Cortana will make Skype a happening place:

Being the virtual assistant, Cortana will help you in many ways, while a conversation is going on. For instance, if you’re discussing the latest movie to watch out, Cortana could suggest you to go through its review for fair decision. Or, if you’re planning and scheduling an upcoming event, Cortana might recommend setting up a calendar reminder.

Moreover, Cortana will also ease the communication by offering suggested replies. For instance, Cortana might suggest automated replies like ‘call you back’, ‘will look at your proposal’, and so on if someone requests to have a look at his service or product. Users of Gmail app already have convenience of giving response through a set of auto generated replies.

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Joy doesn’t end here. With Skype Cortana integration, you can ask Cortana questions in one-on-one chat and get suggestions on restaurant recommendations, flight status, stock quotes, and more.  While we are updating the news,  Microsoft has already started rolling out the feature gradually. Starting today, iOS and Android users in the US will be the first who get the feature in their devices.

Microsoft Starts Skype – Cortana Integration

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