Skype Adds Calls To Landline And YouTube Video Play Right From Its Web App


Skype had introduced web versions of Skype last year so that users can use Skype from any computer without installing its official app. The company, since then, has been trying effortlessly to make the Skype experience even better.


Now, two innovative features have been added to the web version of the Skype. With the latest update to the Skype for web, users can now make calls to mobile phones and landline phones. To access the feature, all you need is a Skype credit or a valid subscription

Another cool feature added to the Skype for web app is an ability to watch YouTube video link directly in Skype. You can access YouTube videos here with all standard controls and without having to open a new browser window to watch the video. That means the video will be playing directly in Skype. The changes should be live for all Skype for Web users today.

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Skype Adds Calls To Landline And YouTube Video Play

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