How to Write a Google Friendly Article?

Writing an article for posting online is an art that needs to be mastered by anyone who wants to be successful in the online industry. Success in content writing is determined by how well an article ranks among the search engines, Google is one of the top search engines.

How to Write a Google Friendly Article?

To be able to reach your audience, it is important to have a high-quality article written according to the rules of online search and ranking.

When looking for something online, readers will get a list of results from their searches. Therefore, it is important to have an article on the first page of the search results if it will be of any use to the owner.

Here, you will learn a short formula for writing a google-winning article that will make sure it ranks highly in readers’ searches.

How to Write a Google Friendly Article?

The aim of writing and posting your content online is to attract a specific target group. To make this happen, ensure that your article is of high quality by following the following tips.

Make your writing informative. Google loves readers.

You have to make sure that there is informative content in your article. The quality of your article will rely mostly on the value that readers will get from it. There should be good readability and freshness that you are bringing on in the online world.

Good content should not only focus on the services and products in the offering. It is important to include details that will make the audience learn from what you have written. The tendency of flooding information about your business will attract negative connotations as far as Google ranking and visibility of your article are concerned.

Use links to other Sources.

Making links to other reliable sources is a very important thing when writing your marketing article. It gives credibility to your content. Therefore, make sure that you link up with other sources that support or relate to the type of information included in your article. However, much of it is unpleasant. Make sure that they are not close to each other.

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Link up with reliable sources in your niche that are well-rated on Google platforms. This will boost your article on the google search engine to a great extent. Where possible and most preferably, content should be shareable on social media platforms as you think of Google as well.

Make it go viral and become trendy.

One of the ways to go viral is by providing up-to-date information. Everyone out there is looking for fresh content to read. There are different techniques to use in your current article. For example, if people have done 5 tips on how to succeed in the market, you could write 7 of such tips or even more.

Still, you could consider providing more details on the same without adding more tips. It depends on how you intend to do it. The most important thing is to provide fresh ideas and tips on the “how” of doing things or what readers could do as a solution to what they are looking for.

Ensure good quality of the writing.

Mistakes in your article writing will affect how Google will rank it. Quality is the main thing that shows a good reputation of the author that will culminate into a good search and ranking result for a site.

Therefore, make sure that your work is well-structured and organized. The structure of your sentences and paragraphs should be in a way that enhances readability.

More than that, the content should be free from spelling errors and bad grammar. After writing your content, it is important to check with a third-party to check it for you before posting it.

Proofreading and editing services would be of much help at this point because it is unlikely that you will notice your mistakes in the writing. Error-free content will impress both the reader and Google when it comes to getting a good following and interest in what you do.

Make the writing original.

Legal issues noticed with your content will not go well with Google ranking. Google has its own rules that govern the type of content acceptable online. To succeed in spreading the word out there concerning your work, you should be able to abide by these rules that it highly prefers.

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First, make sure that the content is not offensive or includes something that would make it illegal. Observe the rules on authority and originality of your content. Plagiarism is highly punishable by the law and once noticed in your content, Google will disregard your article for others in the same niche during customer searches.

The reason for writing good articles in any marketing efforts or to create awareness out there concerning any business engagement is to make them appealing to the readers. Google loves readers and that is why it makes an effort to filter out any articles that are not adding value to them.

To be listed among the top-ranking articles and websites, it is important to deliver high-quality and well-written articles that not only talk about what you do but also help the reader understand a few things about the entire industry.

Links to other sources are highly recommended to give credibility to your content and also help in making it appear top in the searches. Listed here are some of the top tips for a short formula on how to write a google-winning article.

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