SHAREit APK Download Latest Version for Android

If file sharing is something that you take seriously, SHAREit is the app that lets you do it. It’s a pretty popular and a straightforward file sharing app. You needn’t to be a tech geek to use the app. To send files just select your device as the sender then drag and drop, or browse files. In this article later, we will look into SHAREit APK download and its various facets.

What is SHAREit?

Official Download Link for PC

The SHAREit app has 300 million downloads on Play store. This is a fast and more secure method to share files across platforms. The app even allows free file-sharing app across different platforms and operating systems. Some of the salient features the app is known for are following:

  • Transfer speed 200 times faster than Bluetooth technology
  • Can transfer all files, photos, music, videos and apps
  • Pre-integrated video player to stream in HD
  • Allows listening to high quality music both online and offline

As you start the process, your device looks for and then pops up avatars for nearby users it discovers. Once the file is sent, the receiver accepts files. The file is then saved in the recipient’s device’s Downloads folder and in My Files inside SHAREit. Your photos are however stored in the photos gallery.

What is SHAREit APK?

If you want to get instant access of update SHAREit app before Play store, SHAREit APK download is the handy way. This is the most powerful cross-platform file sharing application so far that allows fast sharing and transfer of the files application in few taps. The SHAREit apk download for android, IOS, PC platform and used by the millions for safe and convenient data transfer.

SHAREit changed the way we used to transfer and share files. With the APK file installed on your phone, the transfer speed increases up to hundred times. You can transfer almost any file using the SHAREit APK free download. This may include audio, videos, data, and vcards. The app literally transfer any kind of file on any platform.

SHAREit APK Download

The latest version of SHAREit is now available for download for your Android phone. SHAREit APK Download lets users transfer and share music, videos and apps from one device to another, and needn’t to say, at blazing fast speed. Previously, all the sharing stuff was done via SHAREit but not anymore.

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With a simple download and install SHAREit, you will be able to share files 200 times faster than Bluetooth. It is The USP of the SHAREit app download apk is that while transferring data the app doesn’t consume any data. Instead, the app creates a virtual network to transfer and share all the files.  .

SHAREit APK Download Features:

We have seen a lot of feature enhancements with recent APK release. It’s now better equipped to connect the devices better using GPS. As we have already said that it’s a cross-platform app, therefore, it’s quite continent and matter of seconds to transfer and share files on different platforms.  Let’s see the other features of this amazing file sharing app.

Blazing Fast than Bluetooth

It’s the master feature of this amazing file sharing app. It’s far better than your file transfer app you used earlier.  It provides file transfer with blazing fast speed. With SHAREit APK download the makers of the app has optimized it for file transfer at 20 MB/s. The speed is around 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

Watch Online Videos

In addition to the file transfer and sharing, the app even lets you discover and watch videos from a self hosted video library. Its user interface has a standalone tab labeled Infinite Online videos. The SHAREit APK online videos tab allows users to stream from a vast library of videos both in online and offline mode.

Cross-Platform Ability:

With SHAREit APK download, you can transfer and share files across platforms. This is because it’s a cross platform app and can be installed on both Android and iOS-running smartphones. Thus, even if the file sharing is being tried out between two different platforms, it can be done effortlessly and without interruption.

In built Video and Music Player:

Since the app lets you watch movies and listen to your favorite songs, it provides an in built high quality video and music player. The feature enables you to enjoy the videos right from the SHAREit interface.

The embedded video player is fully compatible to run nearly all video formats available. Moreover, audio player of the app is equipped with a high end equalizer to enhance your music experience.

Seamless file sharing:

Since it’s built for file sharing, supporting multiple file formats is the key feature of the app we should mention here. SHAREit APK download latest version support all file formats. You can share anything that you want using the app. It can be anything, say audio files, videos, apps and software. If you rank all its features on a scale of 10, the features should be on top.

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Download SHAREit APK for Android:

shareit apk free download

Following are the steps you need to follow to download shareit app download apk on you android smartphone. The APK file is not available on play store, so the download and installation could be bit different.

  • Head on the phone settings and enable download from unknown resources.
  • You should have Android version 4.0 to download the application.
  • Visit the official website of download SHAREit
  • Give the necessary permission to install the application on your device.
  • On the home screen of your Android phone, you will find the SHAREit application ready to be used.

Download SHAREit for Windows PC?

Following are the steps you need to follow to download SHAREit APK on you PC. The APK file is not available on play store, so the download and installation could be done using an emulator.

  • Shareit for PC supports Windows 7 XP, Vista, 8, 8.1 and 10.
  • Download the SHAREit APK in your PC either directly from the official website or by using the emulator.
  • Install it in your PC and create an account on SHAREit
  • Now you are ready to use the SHAREit app on your PC

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