Facebook Appoints Google’s Shahriar Rabii to Head its AI Business

Facebook appears to be fully devoted on its AI venture and working hard to bring the best talent pool at work.

Google’s Shahriar Rabii to Head Facebook’s AI Business

If Bloomberg is to be believed, the company appoints Google’s Shahriar Rabii to lead the team that develops AI based chips. Rabi is a senior director of engineering from Google.

Facebook AI

Before Joining Facebook as its VP and Head of Silicon this month, Shahriar Rabii worked for nearly seven years at Google.

For the past several months, Facebook’s interest do develop AI-focused custom silicon has been the talk of the town. Finally, the company has taken the step forward.  It’s though unclear whether the company is exploring AI possibilities for creating custom silicon for consumer devices or if they’re more focused on building for their server business.

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During his stint at Google as an AI expert, Shahriar Rabii worked considerably on chips for consumer devices that include his expertise on the Pixel 2’s Visual Core chip. Shahriar Rabii is the man who brought machine learning intelligence to the device’s camera.

Facebook had never been able to hide its hardware ambitions. And now, the company’s Building 8 hardware division is already done with its first product and ready to ship it. It’s also rumored that company is now working on an Echo Show competitor touchscreen smart speakers and virtual reality hardware built on Qualcomm’s mobile chipsets.

Shahriar Rabii to Head Facebook’s AI Venture

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