Save More through ‘Iconic’ Bundle of Products Offered by ISPs

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

There are many internet service providers in the industry today and they offer bundle of products. Internet service providers often offers products ranging from internet connectivity, cable TV to telephone services.

Internet Service Providers often bundle together items to provide customers with affordable and comprehensive services. Here some of the items that are often put together in an ‘iconic’ bundle of products.


1. Internet Connectivity:

This is the most common services offered by internet service providers. As internet accessibility continues to grow, more people are getting connected to the internet.

This service is a broad term and is inclusive of bandwidth allocations depending on the internet speeds a customer requires.

You can be connected to the internet by an internet service provider through fiber or other medium.

Fiber to the home has become common over the recent past. People have connected internet to their homes with speeds up to about 1GBPS.

1GBPS is possible through fiber optic cable connection. Businesses have been connected also through other plans including fiber to the business.

2. Phone Service:

This is part of ‘bundle and save’ of most ISPs. Phone service is essential part of a home and most internet service providers offer even the landline services.

Landline services involves use of physical cable or fiber as a medium of communication contrary to the use of radio waves in cellular phones.

As much as landline phones have been in existence for quite sometimes and regarded as a traditional way of connecting people, it is still common in households.

Why you still need a landline phone?

With the increasing popularity of smartphones across the world, people tend to forget the importance of landline phone service and why it is still embraced by many.

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Landline phone services are pretty cheap as compared to cellular services. Because it involves landlines, they are incorporated with security systems which prevents hacking. Needless to say, if you dial 911, the police can easily pinpoint to the exact location you’re in.

Loss of signal is a rare occurrence in landline phone service. Mobile phones often experience loss of signal rendering it unreliable method of communicating especially in an emergency situation.

With a landline phone, you can have a clear conversation with someone in a rural area without experiencing much interference.

The nuisance of struggling to hear what someone is saying from the other end is put to rest when using landline phones.

Although mobile phones are common today, landline phones are here to stay and most homes will still have them as either a primary communication device or a backup plan.

3. Cable TV:

This can be bundled together with internet and phone in a bundle product. Cable TV is a way of getting TV programs to consumers through radio frequency signals transmitted through either fiber optics cable or coaxial cables. It is different from the conventional Television broadcasting which is achieved through radio waves.

Many households use cable TV and according to a research, there were about 52.6 million subscribers in 2016.

The question which comes up is, why do people like it? Why do cable TV exist anyway? Why do people subscribe to cable TV? Well, for a start, it is hard to break a market culture that has embraced cable TV.

Cable TV has loyal customers that cannot be easily swayed. It is what can be referred to as an old gold. Furthermore, people are hesitant to go shift away because of the process involved in cutting the cable.

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Some people find it tiresome and expensive to cut the chord. Some companies also offers attractive offers to keep their customers

Why bundle products?

Many companies are at the cross-roads of whether to sell products individually priced differently or bundle them together at one price.

Most internet service providers offer products combined together in bundles at a ‘bundle price’.

Bundled products are particularly preferred because it gives a customer an opportunity to have all products needed at a lower price.

It is usually more expensive to buy products separately as compared to if you would buy them together as a bundle.

Internet service providers bundles the above discussed items together as a pricing strategy that allows them to earn more profits by giving customers a discount. Internet service providers are many and each one of them bundles products as it sees fit.

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