Samsung Galaxy S9 Tipped To Have a Modular Design

Samsung’s most anticipated device Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is yet to arrive in its full glory, and we already having leaks and rumors of the company’s next flagship, the Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 To Have A Modular Design

The upcoming device has been subjected to several leaks, and the hottest one is that the phone could be coming with modular design similar to Moto in its Z-series of devices. Tipsters are suggesting that with modular arrangements, the phone can attach accessories to the back of the phone via magnets.

These accessories could be any additional enhancement to the device or any new feature.

The modules can be used to include attachments that may improve the camera, increase battery life and more. However, no confirmation has been made on their design. It’s being said that the Samsung Galaxy S9 could be of the same screen size the current Galaxy S8 smartphones have, but may have a larger battery on board.

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[Samsung Galaxy S9 With Modular Design]

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