Samsung Galaxy S10 Lineup Could Have Infinity-O-Display

We have been through multitude of rumors and renders about Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship lineup. Now, there are some rumors coming our way regarding the phone’s front camera.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lineup Camera Rumors

If the latest reports on Samsung Galaxy S10 are to be believed, the phone is said to be the first flagship lineup with an Infinity-O display from the Samsung.

Infinity-O display is a feature that’s coming to the emerging branded flagship phones. The feature allows phone display to be stretched even further without having to add a notch. In Infinity-O display arrangement, phone’s front sits in a cutout in the display area itself.

As per the report, the Samsung Galaxy S10 line up will come packed with 10 megapixel front camera having features like optical image stabilization, dual pixel autofocus, and the ability to capture 4K video.

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Previous leaked images and renders about the phone suggest that the Galaxy S10+ will have a dual front camera on board, where the second front camera on this device is actually for depth-sensing.

Since these are only speculations gathered through various leaked images, take this with a pinch of salt. Unless, Samsung confirms the details, these are just rumors.

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