Roku has Integrated Alexa for Voice Controlled Streaming

It’s being reported that Roku is all set to get Alexa on board to voice assist its streaming hardware.

Roku TV Alexa Integration

Roku has Integrated Alexa

After Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa is the second voice assistant that Roku has brought to its platform. Now users can use Alexa voice commands to control Roku streaming.

Once the user finish the installation of Alexa, he can control their Roku streaming devices and Roku TVs with voice commands, For instance, an Alexa voice command like “Alexa, open Netflix on Roku, lets users launch apps, pause content, or search for something they want to explore.

Using the Alexa commands, users can turn Roku TVs on and off, adjust the volume, and even change the inputs. It’s important to note that to run the command user is required say “Roku TV” in every command and not just “the TV”.

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Moreover, if the Roku TV is connected with the Antenna, users can use Alexa voice commands to tune to specific channels. It’s also important to mention that users can use the capability of Alexa voice command with an Alexa-enabled device like the Amazon Echo.

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