Recruitment vs. Talent Acquisition – Which is Better?.

While most job hunters are more focused on landing their “dream job”, many HR specialists and hiring managers are also evaluating hiring strategy – the standard recruitment and strategic talent acquisition -will help them fill the vacant post while also addressing the long-term goals of the business.

To have a better understanding of the similarities and differences between these two hiring concepts, here are the key takeaways from the infographic below provided by Phil. Exeq. Knowing these differences will not help save you time, but also allow you to choose which concept will help your business achieve its talent goals more easily and effectively.

  1. Short-term vs long-term. Recruiting is a mere process of filling immediate vacancies, while strategic talent acquisition is an ongoing strategy that can help business fill highly critical positions in the future.
  2. Talent acquisition is a broader concept that includes several hiring activities, including recruitment.
  3. Compared to the reactive nature of recruitment, strategic talent acquisition is an ongoing cycle that is focused on building a relationship with potential candidates as well as strengthening the level of engagement with the current employees.
  4. Typically, the recruitment specialist ensures that the person has the right skills crucial for the job, while the talent acquisition specialist focuses on nurturing the talent of a person that can be very valuable to the business in the future.
  5. Strategic talent acquisition uses various sources to identify future talent needs of the business. This includes succession management plan, attrition rate history, predictive analytics and industry experience.
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To learn more about this topic, check out the infographic below.

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