Ragini MMS -2 Review : When Skin Shows And Flesh Overshadow The Horror

Sunny Leone in a recent press conference with producer Ekta Kapoor told that when sex meets horror a great screen recipe emerges. With her new release Ragini MMS-2, she has proved that. The movie collected a great amount of fortune at the box office on the day it released. Two west Delhi theaters with capacity of 1000 people enjoyed full attendance on the first day first show.

Ekta Kapoor’s Ragini series took place three years back. Though the first part of Ragini MMS was equally good with quite a different plot, Ragini MMS-2 is probably an awesome attempt by Balaji Telefilms to wrap flesh and horror in the same baggage. The movie was promoted as a perfect mix of skin shows, sex and horror. It isn’t tough to understand that what kind of movie that will come to you when a porn star becomes the female lead of a movie. Ragini MMS-2 is the scorching example of that perception. If the censor board wouldn’t be there, there was no distinction at all between a porn movie and Ragini MMS-2.


The screenplay and the story of the movie have nothing to take with its previous version. The movie takes the leap from the point where Ragini MMS was concluded. Filmmaker Rock decides to make a movie on the life of Ragini who gone through a hell all along those years (remember that poor girl who with her boyfriend made to a mansion for a sensual joyride ). He signs actress Sunny (played by Sunny Leone) to play the character of Ragini. Rock, being a noted pervert chooses his cast and crew from the TV industry. To give his movie a reality touch he decides to shoot the movie in the same haunted mansion where Ragini had that deadly experience.

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The movie starts with an asylum where fear-ridden Ragini is under observation. To understand the character of Ragini in a better light, Sunny meets her there. All goes normal during the first few days of shooting but things turn frightening and out of control one night. Lead actress of film Sunny becomes possessed and mansion starts witnessing brutal murders one after another.



Finally it seems that Sunny is serious about her Bollywood journey. The role she played in the movie wasn’t tough to play for her. She is a sex siren and a noted porn star thus she knows how to mesmerize audiences with steamy bed sequences and inciting cleavage shows. Makers of the movie have cashed the porn star image of Sunny at its best. Every next moment will make you realize that you are watching a semi-porn cinema with plenty of scenes comprising night wears, lingerie show, shower bath, and a killer Sunny-Sandhya smooch.  Throughout the movie, you will desperately wish to see Sunny at least once in full clothes. All you see in them film is Sunny and her endless array of baby-doll night-wear.

A Big Disappointment:

The movie is rightly said  Horex, a combo of horror and sex. Sunny allows both the heroes of the movie to grill her the way they can in several bed sequences filmed in the movie. I think, while making the movie, makers forgotten the horror part. The film seriously lacks at horror elements. It tries to horrify you by using outdated and third grade Ramsay type tricks. In every five minutes you see those old age ‘Bhoot aya’ techniques you have already seen in dozens of horror flicks. Probably the makers of the movie have thrown their full attention to grab the ‘sex’ element and left ‘horror’ unattended.

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Cast: Sunny Leone, Saahil Prem, Karan Mehra, Parvin Dabbas, Sandhya Mridul, Soniya Mehra, Divya Dutta
Direction: Bhushan Patel
Genre: Horror
Duration: 2 hours

Tag: Ragini MMS -2 Review

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Mohammad Atif
Mohammad Atif
March 26, 2014 12:36 pm

Very well written and professional review. Keep it up. In fact, it would be better if you could dedicate a whole new section to Bollywood releases or something similar.

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