8 Profitable and Valuable Skills to Know in 2018

Let’s just get one thing clear right now, the age of having one job at one company for your whole career is long gone, and the age of adaptability and learning new skills as you go is upon us.

8 Profitable and Valuable Skills

 8 Profitable and Valuable Skills to Know in 2018

While some people might consider this a drawback and a problem, others see an opportunity to explore new experiences and to learn as much as possible.

If you’re the second type, then brace yourself because experts at LEARN Academy give us the 8 awesome skills which you should learn if you want to advance in your career.

1. Copywriting

Copywriting is in high demand now and will be for a pretty long time. Writing catchy and well-thought-out pieces of content is something the machines are still incapable of and they won’t be for a very long time.

So, if you have the knack for writing and you feel like this might be the job for you, you can either do a course or find some resources online on how to actually perfect your writing to suit the needs of the market. Whether you want to write blogs or brochures, there are always companies out there looking for new writers.

2. Coding

Even though writing high-quality articles is beyond the grasp of computers and automation, a lot of other things aren’t. In fact, a large number of jobs and professions are either replaced or supplemented by coding and automation, which makes programmers incredibly important. What’s more, the need for programmers is only increasing as they are the architects of our digital world.

Find yourself a good JavaScript bootcamp or any other programming language which you might be inclined to and you can learn all of the skills you need to get an entry-level job in the field in a matter of months, rather than years.

3. Data Analyzing

As businesses move online, they are able to collect a staggering amount of data, both on individual customers and of the overall behavior of their customers.However, the raw data is practically useless and meaningless without someone to analyze and interpret them.

That’s where data analysts come in. People who are able to separate the relevant date from the useless information are highly valued by companies and often hired as consultants for a number of areas.

You can pick just one or more different areas of expertise, but Google Analytics is by far the most popular and readily available to most people and companies. What’s more, Google has courses about their own analytics which you can take online right now.

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4. Photography

A lot of people buy DLSR cameras nowadays because they are truly superior to the regular digital cameras. However, not a lot of people have the skills or the necessary equipment to be a really good photographer. Most people use their cameras for personal use, which means that good photographers are in high demand.

Right here, you are at the crossroads; what do you want to take pictures of? If you opt for people and events, there are specialized courses which can help you figure out what kinds of compositions and filters you need to use, as well as what kind of equipment you will need.

Wedding and event photographers can make a lot of money if they are good and especially if they are able to capture the stunning photos we see featured online all the time. The alternative route with photography is stock photography.

Even though the profit margins are lower here, you can still earn a decent amount of money, and keep earning for as long as your photos are bought.

5. Picture and Video Editing

Back to the computer-based way of generating income, learning advanced photo and video editing skills may take a bit longer than a simple one-month course in Photoshop, but once you get the real hang of it, you can become a very desirable professional.

Keep in mind, though, that the programs that you will need to be a really good photo/video editor can be quite pricey, so you might need to invest in yourself and your trade before you can earn the big money.

6. Translation

Your access to this career path is predicated on you knowing at least two languages, which might not always be the case in the US, but it is beginning to change.

As businesses become more international, and even as our cities become more culturally diverse, the need to have things written in at least two languages increases. However, you can’t just leave this job to an amateur, or even worse, computers.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the ridiculous translations from foreign languages into English (and trust me, the other way around exists as well). Individuals who speak two or more languages flawlessly and can understand the subtleties and the idiomatic expressions can help both individuals and companies with the language barrier and make a decent amount of money in the process.

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Most translators, though, make a sharp distinction between translation and interpreting, as the two involve a different set of skills, so be specific about what you want to do.

7. SEO and Digital Marketing

Advertising has always been relevant and it always will be. However, it has changed over time, and the newest iteration of it is the digital marketing, and the search engine optimization to be more specific.

Learning to manipulate the search engines like Google is the cornerstone of the modern advertising and the basis of it can be learned really quickly.

This is the field where you can earn a lot of money, but you can never rest on your laurels.
SEO changes very quickly and sometimes really drastically, so flexibility and willingness to change and adapt are a must in order to succeed in this field.

8. Accounting

Even though you may not consider accounting as a desirable skill or an interesting job, it is actually a very profitable and secure professional choice. Most companies outsource accounting to specialized firms rather than do it in-house, and every company needs to have an accountant, which means that this job is fairly secure and promises to be around for a long time.

You can find a number of courses on accounting, depending on what kind of accounting you are interested in, but you can do a course in several months and open your own firm or join an existing one and start earning money fairly quickly.

Finding a steady job in today’s economy can be tough, but if you are able to ‘read’ the job market, you can choose your profession in such a way to always be sought-after, rather than chasing job opportunities yourself.  Whichever route you prefer to take, just make sure you have a well-prepared CV before you start your hunt

[8 Profitable and Valuable Skills]

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